Monday, April 11, 2011

Glamour Girl's room..paint and DIY Zebra Chair

This has been my most fun project so far.
Creating a space for my daughter, but
not making it too "little girl".  She's only 3.5...but very much
a girly girl and so we have named this the Glamour Girl's room!

I have a few more things to finish up on, and some things to search
for still....I have learned that this doesn't happen overnite and if I
want to find the right things, that takes time.
 So, in a nutshell,

Branmuffin, a.k.a. Brandon, my husband painted her room this weekend
in one day. Not many husbands would take on that project
and complete it, so to him I say...
Thanks for spending your Saturday in a room filled with pink paint.

Benjamin Moore's "Smashing Pink"....

....let me just say, her room glows!

But, it took 24 hours to grow on know how paint can be.
So different from a swatch to an entire room!

And remember this chair?

Now it looks like this...much better huh?

I bought it at Good Will for $14.99 and we spray
painted it white.

We removed the old fabric, foam and padding and replaced it.

My Mom taught me how to sew the edging with cording, 

and it was all stapled into the wood base.  

With a few shots from the glue gun
and some screws to the base..this chair was complete!

And here is the happy owner...our own little Glam Girl!

Shoot, when I see it all together...I want to paint
EVERYTHING!  Paint is a beautiful thing and I am having a hard
time stepping away...

Stay with me, I have lamps, bedside tables, another fabric covered 
headboard and a ultra-high bed to share....and all the other details.

Whew!  So much fun for me to do and share.
BTW, I say "We" a lot on my DIY posts...I have
a very supportive husband who helps me take on these endevours and
sometimes does the hardest part.  We have two little ones that need 
to be kept away from the mess to make it possible so we work as a team.
I am thrilled that he wants to make our house a home together.



Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

I do love a great zebra chair - I did one myself - check it out if you want!
Great color choices - I am sure the room will be beautiful!

Kristen | Cottage Modern said...

Suzanne! It was great to meet you as well last Friday--thanks to the group for making me so welcome! I love your blog, and your zebra chair project--can't wait to see what happens with the rest of the project. Count me in as your newest follower!

Misty said...

Suzanne, I'm uber-proud of you! Remember when we were the girls who didn't want to do the crafts at the MOPS table and now you are recovering chairs? It is adorable!

Summer said...

oooh, I LOVE this Suzanne!!! You're a pro girl...I am just MUCH too lazy to complete tasks and projects, and you're just running circles around me! =)

Tember said...

You are a ROCKSTAR! I can't wait to come see all the newest additions! Seriously you are amazing at decor and wowzers on all the DIYs. Go Mama!!

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

How cute! Your little helper is adorable!

Judy said...

I love that zebra fabric. It's so fabulous. Your helper is too cute. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love it, and clearly your lil princess does, too! so fun!

The Inspired Nest said...

You did a great job and the fabric is gorgeous! I hope you will come by and see my 9 year olds very berry pink room!

Orange it Lovely said...

oh I love it!!! So cool.

Judy said...

I featured your amazing chair at my party tonight. Please stop by and pick up your I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

Crystal said...

This is gorgeous! I love that the chair is normal size, so she can use it for years to come! I am a new follower of your CUTE blog and I would love for you to link this up to my Inspire-me Mondays Blog Party at Homemaker in Heels! Have a great week!

Susan said...

Love it! I'm not as handy as you, but was thinking of buying this one: - not too pricey