Sunday, April 10, 2011

The next Princess Wedding Part 2

It's just less than 20 days until the big day....
well, Kate and William's big day.
I try to keep up a little bit on the latest happenings
of the wedding hoopla, but what I am really interested in
is what she is gonna wear on her wedding day!
I also cannot wait to see the crowds and
all of the coverage...this is history!

Two things that I have read recently have stuck out.
First, William does not plan on wearing a wedding wing.

I guess we all will know he will be a married man and who 
he will be married to, he's Prince William....but, I don't know what I think
about that.  A ring is a symbol to others, that you are "taken",
a sign that you are unavailable and are committed to someone else.
However, it is just a piece of precious metal, 
the commitment and vows are much more important.
I'm just glad my husband wears his wedding band every day.
And if not for everyone else, I like seeing it on his hand
when we are home or out and about.

Secondly, Kate Middleton is known for her style, which has 
been described as....contemporary, sophisticated, easy, effortless,
and often sporty.  I just learned she her favorite store is T.K.Maxx....
the English version of T.J.Maxx!  Now I really like her!
I didn't even know that existed over there....

Most of all, I love how she pulls off a hat.
Here are some pics to prove it:

{Images via Google}

Will you be watching the wedding on real time?
Does your husband wear his ring or do you 
do the non-traditional route and forgo rings?

And most I have any readers that have been 
the a T.K.Maxx store in the UK?  Do tell....I'm dying for 



Tamara Nicole said...

I think she is adorable, so classy and pretty without trying too hard.

As for the ring, I think every married person should wear one. it's a symbol and both myself and the hubby wear ours all the time!

Tember said...

What a versatile little beauty! We aren't yet into princesses but our day will come. Hubby never wears his wedding ring. Can't wear it to work and forgets to wear it when we go out unless I remind him (and find it!). I DO like it when he has it on, though... :)

Erin said...

TK Maxx is exactly like TJ Maxx not sure why the name is different. We love it, great for bedding, pillows and of course clothes. Everyone here in the UK is madly excited about the wedding. Our road is having a street party to celebrate and school/work is cancelled its a public holiday (vacation)