Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's in your collection?

I feel like I missed the boat.
Maybe it's not too late.
I don't collect anything.

My Grandma collected glass bells.
My Mom collects mini-perfumes.

But me?  I've got nada, nothin'....

I snapped some photos of my Mom's "mini" collection
and wanted to share it with you.

So, you can see she has hundreds of them.
And my Dad built her glass cases for them to be
displayed in.  Isn't she spoiled?

 If you are trying to count...she has 3 big cases of perfume.

 Overall, she is a fragrance junky and even
has books on fragrance.  

Here are some of my Dad's colognes.

 She has the regular sized perfume bottles too!

 The one with the green cap...I bought her that in South Beach.
It reminded me of a certain shampoo fragrance she loved.
Do any of you remember "Agree" shampoo?
And she loved it...I think perfume is hard to buy for others usually.

I collect nothing.  
But, my house collects dust and messes.
Her collection inspires me.
I'm thinking I need to get on this bandwagon of collecting
things, because then you always have something you need to get.
You know, for your collection.
And when you travel, you get something for that collection.

So cool, huh?
Do people do this still?...do tell, I'm intrigued.

In fact, if you have a collection, let me know...and send me pictures, I would
love to share it on So Stinkin' Cute!

Email me at suzanne@musthavemoxie.com


Leah said...

Suzanne...You and I LOVED peach agree shampoo! I have to know what that perfume is! I love collections too. I met someone who collects Starbucks mugs from every city she goes to, all around the world. I thought that was kind of fun but not exactly a "glamorous" collection :)

Beth said...

I collect antique silver serve ware....hard to find, but I think that's a good thing because typically they aren't tiny and I don't know where I put it all :)

Shannon said...

I don't collect anything. I once tried to collect something and it got out of hand. It's all I ever received for years. And then it got tacky. Sometimes it's good to not have a collection.

However, your mom's collection is pretty fabulous.

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

That's quite a collection! Ironically, I just blogged about my latested perfume purchase! Lovely collection!

Alissa said...

I finally watched the previous week's Bethenny Ever After and noticed she purchased some snow globes to start her collection. Funny, because I was thinking that I don't collect anything either. Although, I guess that I'm slowing collecting different Silverado beads.

I would love to start a wine glass collection. Never have a matching set so that when we have friends over, they can pick out their own special glass. It would also eliminate the need for wine charms too!

Anonymous said...

I guess I collect christmas ornaments from every place we visit on vacations/trips. At least it serves a purpose to fill up our tree and can be tucked away for most of the year. IMO, most collections=clutter.

Anonymous said...

I collect wine right now from winerys in Washington but will be branching out soon! If I see cool or cute bottle I buy it. My fav. Is my Marilyn merlot bottle with her face on it. And no I don't drink them I display them in my wine holders and displayed around the house. I started my collection a year ago and I'm at about 50 bottles! Hint hint if u find anyone cool wine let me know and sis u collect something! Kelly green things!

Mama O said...

I'm late to the party BUT I collect antique keys! I love imagining what secrets they kept locked up. And it totally melts my heart when my hubs surprises me with a cool one when he is out and about. :)