Thursday, April 7, 2011

What does Craigslist, a parrot, and asthma have in common?

Next project in these parts?
Tatum's room.....although she is only 3.5 years old, 
we don't want a little girl's room for our little girl.

Mainly because I don't want to do this every couple of years,
but you never know, I could change this in a couple 
years just because I got a new vision!

The pic above isn't my inspiration, but I do love
the color..not necessary hot pink, but more of a 
hibiscus color.

I love the mirror pictured above...btw, I am looking for a HUGE one,
preferably ornate in nature...if you've got one, let me know,
I'll make you an offer!

We found a chair that we are in process of redoing...
but to give you a sneaky it is with it's 
before ugliness...

....but I'm gonna make it glamorous!

The sad part is, we've had some rough nights as of late,
and after a doctor's appointment today, we found
out Tatum has Asthma :(

Look at my little bug...

So, after that nebulizer and the doctor let us go,
we found the perfect bedside tables for her room from
the loveliest woman on Craigslist. 

She even let Tatum meet her parrots, and sent us this pic
after we left.....

{see her little dr. stickers?}

Try explaining that to a 3 year old...
a bird that says "Hi" and "How are you?" and
"Polly wants a cracker!".

Hopefully tonight will be a better night and 
we will get to working on the Glam Girl Room!

Pictures to come....hope you can wait!



SM Anderson said...

Jack has illness induced asthma and so we are very familiar with the wonderful neb. Happy times!!!!!


Tatum: Gi Gi hope you start feeling better soon. I know how your mommy and daddy feel having a little one with asthma. Uncle Kellon has asthma and it is not fun.
Love you

Mama O said...

Two things! We just painted Taryn's room that color! And we have to do neb. treatments on Beau which stem from when he got H1N1 when he was a year old. Amazing how quickly it helps. :)

Shannon said...

Awww - sorry about the asthma, but it looks like you had a bunch of pros to overcome that con.