Monday, April 18, 2011

All over the place.....

Alright, alright, I will do it....I'll extend the Spring Cleaning
How does until this Friday, April 22nd sound?

Here is a perfect spring bead that is still left...

And what's even better?
It's price! $25.20  
There are lots more, so go check it out!

Also, I've decided I really need a Louis like this maybe?

...isn't that print pretty?  
Or, I would settle for a lucite one too!

I doubt I would find either of those on craig's list...ughhhhhhhhhhhhh....

My good friend, Muffy came over this weekend. 
She brought Tatum a present.

She gave Tatum her brown baby-doll from when 
she was her's over 25 years old!
Seriously, how sweet is that?
She has the original outfit for her and a new one too!

Muffy doesn't have a little girl, so we will take good care
of her baby-doll!  Tatum has already taken 2 baths with her...she loves that
she pees and can get wet.

And this is one of the messes I cleaned up this weekend....
I threw it all away after I picked it up.  Does that make me a bad Mom?

11 days till the Royal Wedding!

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lhoffman said...

Muffy gave her the doll she's had for 25 years? From her childhood? How incredibly thoughtful! WOW! Way. Too. Sweet. And oh- love the chair (not so much the lucite one... too blah! But the floral one!)