Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Time

What a beautiful royal wedding!
Did you watch it too?
We anticipated it for weeks and had our own 
royal party....and what a great time we had.

I went to my parent's house last night with Tatum, our
own little princess.  I kind of figured that this could go many
different ways with being up so early {4:45 am}.

Last night, she actually asked to go to bed....
that has never happened.  She was excited as the rest of the world
for the festivities to begin.

We got a fairly good night's sleep...considering.

There has been much speculation about Kate and
her dress....I thought she looked breathtaking, and I would
love to arrive anywhere in a Phantom.  Her Dad was so sweet
by her side and I definitely had chills when she stepped out for her
big reveal.

Classic, stunning, and she looked so happy and poised 
throughout...didn't she?

Tatum and my Mom made popovers and coffee....

....I was glued to the t.v......

 She was the only one dressed for the wedding at our
party.  My Mom made her a tiny little veil with a crown and 

Stinkin' Cute huh?

Lastly, we noshed on Crack salad, popovers, 

and wedding cake, of course!

Our favorite part?
The two kisses on the balcony
and Kate whispering "oh wow".

Whew...lots of pictures huh?
It was so fun and I am so happy to have 
watched it live...with my two favorite girls, 
my Momma and my daughter.

What a beautiful day in history.
And now, I need to catch up on sleep............



SM Anderson said...

I am glad you had such a good time. What a great and fun mom you are Suzanne.

Jill Anderson said...

What a Great idea! I never even thought about doing anything like that because I have all boys. Sometimes I wish I had just one girl to do fun girl things like that with.

Misty said...

Out of all of the stinkin' cute things you've posted...this might be the stinkin' CUTEST!!! I love how dressed up Tatum was. I just love all of it! You and your mom created such a fun event for your little girl!