Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RIP, Lilly Pie

{Tatum and Lilly a couple of years back.}
Lilly Pie 
The most gorgeous, Yellow Lab,
that walked the face of the Earth.
Gone, but will never be forgotten.

Lilly was our parent's Yellow Lab, 
one of our family dogs, for the past 12 years.

Owner of a cold nose, and giver of the 
best, warm, sloppy kisses.
When she leaned into you,
you could feel the warmth and weight of her body.
She loved anyone who would sneak her 
some food, or rub her belly.

Of course, a typical Lab...on an endless search 
for any morsel of food she could get her paws on.

Most of all, I am sad for my Dad.
He would take her on long walks,
and for runs in open spaces.
He would give her the best lovin' in his leather chair.
And rub her head every morning
when he got up early for work.

She lived a good life of 12 years, 
but there is a sadness in my heart, knowing
that the next time I walk through their door, 
she won't be there to greet me.

Know you were loved, Lilly.
Know there is no more pain.
And know, we won't forget you.

The saddest part of all of this, is my
parents have another dog, Petunia, 
a small maltese....she was obsessed with
Lilly and used to cuddle with her constantly and 
even clean Lilly's ears.
Now, my Dad tells me she sits at the door,
waiting for Lilly to return.

Dogs are truly a part of the family,
and it's the little things you miss when they are gone.

Love you Lilly!


Elizabeth Benfield said...

i am sorry for your family's loss. some people dont realize how much a great dog can effect your life, comfort you when your sad and they are such good listeners. poor petunia!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your family's loss. We lost our black lab of 12 years two years ago. We still miss him dearly. We too had a little one (Yorkie- Lulu), she was devastated.
Just always remember... All dogs go to Heaven! :)

Chelsea said...

So sad. I'm so sorry. Dogs really do become like family so I know how much this must hurt.

Amy said...

Oh Suzanne! I am so sorry! You brought tears to my eyes!! I have such a strong love for animals that sometimes I worried it surpassed humans! I feel your pain my friend and I guess I am enjoying each day we have with Alpha! He turned 13 in September. My love and prayers to you and your family as it is SO hard to loose a pet!!

Janette said...

Im so sorry for Lily's loss. Dogs can have such a huge impact on your families lives and sad to hear that Lily is gone.


Lily Pie I know you will be missed by many people. My thoughts and prayers are with all those whose live had been licked, hit with her tail, feed her snacks, and scratched her head. I will miss her as well when I go to visits my family in MN....
((((HUGS)))) to everyone and an extra hug for Ernie.