Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're HOME!

It feels so good to say finally say, 
we are HOME!

A home that we own, no more renting, 
no more moving for years and years, and years!

I did the math while moving this weekend
and I personally, have moved 8 times in 9 years.
My poor dog, Lucy has moved 7 times in the 7 years I have had her!
Needless to say, the kids were.not.easy.during.this.process.
But, poor things, they are adjusting!
I want to say thanks to my handsome movers-
Branmuffin, Dan, Tim, Chris, & Kyle,
without you, I would not be cozy on my couch in my new living room.
My parents for taking care of the kids on 
the snowest day so far!  My Dad for installing a new water softener
{cuz, I am a water snob}, and helping me hang these....

No, that isn't my actual window, but you get the idea.
They are called Redi-Shades, 
and you can get them at Home Depot.
They are super easy to install, and I picked out the
room-darkening version, so that my sweet babies can take their naps,
and I can stay sane while I search for the window treatments 
that will make me happy!

We also made a trip to IKEA last week and found 
the perfect items we needed for our new place.
Our kitchen has an island with a granite bar ledge, 
we scooped two of these up...

The good thing, the covers are washable, 
and when my Mom saw them, it was her idea to recover them someday
in a fun print!  
Yay Mom!  
I will be happy to take you up on your
offer this winter when we are are bored out of our minds.

We also have a living room that currently has no 
built-ins around the fire place.  With not a TON of money in 
the "decor budget"  we bought one of these at IKEA as well.

The "Lack" bookshelf.  And after Brandon put together one,
we decided we have to get another for the other side to pull the room together.
No pictures to post yet, 
the camera is lost in the shuffle, and frankly...
I don't know when I will have the place like I want it.
I need ideas, money, time, and 
just want to enjoy the "new smell" of a new construction home.

I swear, they have  "new car" scent air freshener for cars,
they should bottle up this smell.
The manufacturer would make millions of dollars!

I've missed blogging, and reading blogs...and
am thankful that we already have internet and cable hooked up.
I felt so out of touch.

So, all I can wish for now, is for my kids
to finally sleep through the night!
Cuz sore muscles and tired parents makes for a crabby 

Tell me what you have been up to??  I miss my followers!


Leah said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful! Has anyone ever lived in this house? Can't wait to see it someday. Enjoy the process. There's nothing like making your house a home!

SM Anderson said...

Congrats Suzanne. Happy Homeownership!!!!

wright said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see it. I was thinking of you that day when the snow was coming down and coming down and coming down.

Tember said...

I had no idea you had moved SO MANY TIMES!! Enjoy your brand-new home and I can't wait to come take tour and bring you some housewarming lefse. XOXOX!

lhoffman said...

What a count!! I knew about your apartment, townhome, Vegas, recent home and now your new one. SO NOT envious of that. Guess we can officially, FINALLY say "welcome HOME!" And so excited to see the new home ;)

What I've been up to? Must Have Moxie, launching my CAbi business (thanks for last night - you're the BEST!), trying to de-clutter our home (am really envious of that brand new "everything-has-it's-place" and I "only kept what I want and got ride of everything else" situation... can't wait to see the decor evolution!