Monday, November 8, 2010

Shut the Front Door!~I need treatment!

I need to invest in some duct tape for my mouth.
Seriously, I have been thinking, 
and me thinking has caused me to realize....
 I have a problem.

I need to learn when to "shut it off".
I need to learn to "shut it down" in a big way.

My problem involves excitement, giving WAY too many details, 
and 'diarrhea of the mouth' over a good deal.

It goes like this, and no lie, this happened to me today...
Friend: Suz, I love your shirt!
Me{with a problem}:  Oh thanks!  I got it at Sam's Club, for like $7, can you believe that?
Isn't it cute, what a deal!
Friend: Yeah, that's super cute!
Me {with a problem}:  I just can't believe I found it at Sam's Club, of all places!

Or it can go like this:

Friend: Suzanne, where did you get your jacket?
Me {with a problem}:  Oh my gosh, I got it at TJMaxx, for $24.99, 
I am sure they still have them, go to the one in Eagan, it's the best this time of year.
It seriously goes with everything, and I am sure I will rock it all you want me to look for one for you?  I can!  Seriously, I can, just let me know, it's really no problem.

Or this happened to me while shopping:

Stranger: Um mm, excuse me, where did you get your boots?
Me {with a problem}:  Oh girl, I got these at Target, can you take it? 
And they are leather, no lie!  They are $49.99, and if you go online to get them, 
search under Mossimo Brand, Taupe color.  They are soooo comfy, do you want to 
try them on?  Here you go!
Stranger: Well, yeah, I guess so......{kind of confused, but equally happy}
Me {with a problem}: Don't you just love them?  I would go get them if I were you!
You could go to the Target on France Ave.  they have them, I saw them there last week!
Stranger: Thanks....{walks away}.

So...I am searching for a therapist that can help me.
Or, I will be training myself over the next couple of months....
my training will encourage me to "shut my mouth" and just say..

Well, Thank you!!!


Beth said...

Bahahahaha! Suzanne I LOVED this post :) So funny. Reminds me of your pink earrings....Target, right ;) I for one, love that you get so excited about good deals...there is nothing like the pride in finding a great deal! So be proud girl!

Tamara Nicole said...

Seriously you are just plain cute, that's what it is:-) People love excitement and it's contageous! So don't hold it back girl!


Thanks for the good read that let me giggle out loud tonight... I do the samething too. Just like when someone starts to check out my Silverado braclet from Must Have Moxie. I begin to turn it to the clasp unhook it and say, check this out just feel the weight in your hand, and check out those charms aren't they the best as I am whipping out a business card for them to check out the goods for themselves. Got to give my daughter in-law all the plugs that I can out here in the Pacific Northwest.
But taking your boots off for a stranger!!!! Okay I take my bling off for strangers.
No need to shut the front door either, keep it open for those who need a good deal in life...

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i have the SAME problem ... you are not alone!