Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My cure for the winter uglies!

One thing I loathe about winter is 
dry, ashy hands and chapped lips.
I know I have told you about these being my faves,
my must-haves, but I just had to mention them again.

 I just stocked up for winter at Aveda!

Also, I have to tell you about the cutest accessory ever...

They are arm warmers...similiar to leg warmers, but for your
hands and wrists.  They are So Stinkin' Cute and 
easy for winter because you still have dexterity with your fingers!

I got them at none other than, Target for $10.99!

Super cute and chic, in my opinion, so go get some!
I swear I will not lose these this winter.
I swear I will not lose these this winter.
I swear I will not lose these this winter.



Ha hahaha you are so funny... The lotion and chap stick are must haves to all you readers. My dog loved the chap stick... She must of had chapped chops.. So I will have to replace it soon.
Have a great day everyone and stay warm.

Sophia Makes Three said...

That is the best lotion out there! If you sign up for their rewards program in store, you get e-mails and they send out e-mails for the travel size of this lotion every once in a while!

kimble said...

I am so going to try that lotion. I am obsessed with washing my hands after I touch anything dirty so I have very dry hands that crack and bleed. I would love to find something that works!

Staci Edwards said...

Super cute and chic indeed! Love them!