Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks for stealing my thunder!

Yeah, you're gonna think I'm crazy.
I bought this rug at IKEA.
It gets better...
I bought two.

Before I can give you any peeks at my new casa, 
I have a ton of work to do....well, WE have a ton of work to do.

The house we bought has dark woodwork. 
It's very pretty and chocolaty...but I am a white woodwork kind of gal.
So, in an effort to get used to all of the brown in my 
new home, I am adding tons of color and painting
some of our wood furniture white!
{Someday, I am gonna change the woodwork, 
but I figured I would wait a bit,
in an effort to not give Branmuffin a myocardial infarction.}

All this decorating takes time, especially when you have two kids 
who seem to be absolutely bonkers because we moved them
to new 'digs'.  Which means I can't get a thing done,
I'm caring for their every whim....which is getting on my 
nerves...cuz if you know me, I love to organize and decorate.

Sooooooooooooo, pray that my kids start to shape up and 
get over the fact that I uprooted them from one home to another
along with their millions of toys.....cuz when/if they recover,
you get more blog posts and I get my sanity back.


The next thing I wanted to share was huge, 
but if you aren't living under a snowbank, you have heard the news
of Brad Childress getting fired from his position as the Viking's head coach.
And this news has really stolen my thunder!

Why, you ask?
Why would I care about football/sports and the like?

Because this weekend Must Have Moxie sponsored
the Purple Lipstick on a Pig luncheon!
The luncheon was for women only, and a bunch of 
Viking's players/coaches/trainer wives' were there.

It was a great way to get Must Have Moxie's name out there
and we gave away a TON of free jewelry.

Here are some of the pics to prove it....
 that's me with Katie Timmer..
she is a Special Olympics spokesperson....she spoke and did
a fantastic job and is so inspirational!  She had me cryin' like a baby.

and the last one includes me meeting Dru Ann Childress....
the wife of Coach Childress.

And now he's fired and my thunder is stolen!!!

All kidding aside, she was a stellar woman,
very sweet and I really liked what she had to say!
When you think about it, she has a tough job,
being married to a NFL coach!
And you can say whatever you want about him,
she's his best friend and his support to whatever comes his way.
I see a different side to the whole story now that I met her and 
had a chance to talk with her about what it's like being a coach's wife.
So, Viking's fans....go easy on the guy!

Enough sports talk....more decor talk next time, I promise!!!

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I like thunder!!! But I will not steal yours. Love the new rugs.
The pictures from your event are amazing. Gotta love those special kiddos and adults.
I am glad you are back even it may be part time.