Thursday, November 18, 2010


Brandon and I had a VERY impromptu date last night.
We ended up playing BINGO.
He talked about how he used to go and play
with his grandparents when he was younger. way to your man's heart is
to "play" with him....any sport, or activity that they 
enjoy....they enjoy even more when they are doing it with you.
Well, they enjoying "doing it" with you even more
than some random sport, if you know what I mean.
Wink, wink.....

Anyhoo, enough sex talk.
They gave us some of the ink dabbers, and 
we brought them home for the kiddos....we knew they
would think that they were so cool.

Here we are after breakfast this morning....

{Tatum is a bit crossed-eyed, no?}


Pink for Tatum, Blue for Turner.

Notice, my house isn't quite together yet,
whew, it's gonna take more time than I realized.

Send money directly to me, it will get done faster that way!

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BINGO with Grandpa and Grandma Cartmill bring back lots of memories for me and the kids. They would buy the cards for everyone and if you won you "HAD" to share the winnings with them.
Nice sneak peek of the house, I am itching to see it.
Love the pictures of Turner and Tatum...
P.S. Playing with a Cartmill is always a way to their heart. Wink Wink if you know what I mean.