Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Cocktail Bracelet & Weddings}

Remember when I went to a wedding this past Spring with Branmuffin?
If not, click here to refresh yourself.

The bride received a spectacular gift from her to-be-husband, 
a dear friend of mine.

He is known for giving great gifts...and of course he did not disappoint the woman of his dreams!
He gave her a full Silverado bracelet made with the cream pearl bead, and the double bling bead.

And I finally have the pics of it's beauty!

Isn't it gorg?

Anywho...I just had to post those as an inspiration for this 
Bead-A-Full Thursday.

Another option would be to place a large Focal Bling bead in the middle of a bracelet and make it a "Cocktail" bracelet for those dressier of times!

Like this...

Don't you just love that?
I've been a busy-bee...I've been working on various pictures
and bracelet ideas for the "Look Book" on my website.

Here is a peek at one...appropriately named "So Stinkin' Cute" after this here blog!

They all be up soon on the Must Have Moxie site and I will definitely let you know when they are!
Until then, here is another chance to leave a comment to be entered to win this bead...

Gals...just an idea, if you don't have a bracelet, 
you could put this on any old chain you have laying around the house!  
It would make for a spectacular new necklace, right?

Here's the details:

The blue heart bling bead.  It's value is $38.50...
If you want to win it:

Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become's easy.  
Comment on what is your dream date with your man that you would wear a cocktail bracelet to.
or whatever...

Become a fan of Must Have Moxie on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, and last Thursday's comments,
and  pick a winner ....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!
{I forgot to post a Bead-A-Full Thursday last week, my MIL was in town,
so we have one more week after this to get a chance at winning!}

Oh, and about the Diet Coke, 
we are starting the weening process by no longer purchasing it for our home.
So, if you come by for a visit, I will offer you coffee or water.  Nice huh?
Here is the video I mentioned...almost 9 minutes, but worth it.


Misty said...

My dream dress-up date... Actually, every other year, we attend a Military Ball. It gives me an opportunity to wear a gown and see my hubs in his dress blues (I think that's what they are called). Anyway, it's always lots of fun to see how our most esteemed military personnel behave as they add alcohol consumption to their day. It ain't pretty...

As for the Diet Coke, I'm in mourning for you! I've pretty much kicked that habit. We don't usually keep it in our home either but how I miss it (and it's been awhile). Good luck to you!


My dream date is still in my dreams... Sorry readers. But I would wear my Bling Focal on a chain around my neck... I have seen it worn that way and it is beautiful. Then I would add a little more bling to my ears. The white bling earrings are a every girls must have.
Happy Thursday!!

Amy said...

Any date with Dale is a dream date as they are SO infrequent!! I too, have kicked the one a day Coke habit. I don't miss it that much unless I am eating pizza or a burger. Then I might have one :) I don't miss it until then.

Juliet Mock said...

My dream date? Hmmmm? No kiddos. A georgeous, long red slimming dress (think Pretty Woman) and with dinner on the beach and then a romantic dance in the moonlight. I would wear lots of Silverado bling that would reflect the beautiful moonlight.

SM Anderson said...

My dream date would be to go to the Ordway for an awesome play and dinner downtown. Maybe even splurge to stay downtown. A night and morning kiddo free :-)

Randi said...

My dream date is a weekend away at the beach full of romantic memorys cuddling and lots of kissing on the beach!!