Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Favorite Things}...and how to get em'

Y'all just blew me away with the amount of comments I got on 
the "Dirty Hair Club"...mostly, I can't believe how much you guys
wanna tell me how dirty you are!  You Dirty Girls!

This is good, I am getting to know my followers and your love for greasy hair.
I will take all advice into account, get me some dry shampoos,
and try to get on the bandwagon....I'm not making any promises or guarantees, so 
when you see me out and about...please don't smell my scalp or touch my hair's scary to get personal on the Internet, but all of you did it 
with such ease, you inspire me!

I'm inspired to share with you now...

Remember how I told you I joined the ranks and got an I Phone?
No sense in having a great phone without a cute cover!
I did not think it was cool to spend $20 or more on a cover, so I found one... green, of course, cuz I am all freaks over green...
for less than $10!!!  Where you ask? till you drop, get a few at that price!
I might need the turquoise one next, girl's gotta switch it up!

This is my hugest beauty product I have used since my first zit,
probably about age 13 or so.
Neutrogena, original bar soap...I love need for make-up remover!
$2.99 a bar is the best deal ever, and I love..... BUT don't get the fragrance free option.
There is something about the fragrance free soap that I cannot get down with, 
it's not the same....consider yourself warned.

I love the Chevron pattern right now, if i see it anywhere, I have to have it...
hence the new background on my blog, and the need for this picture of Jessica Alba.
And don't kid yourself, my kids are subject to the Chevron pattern...

...there's my girl, Tatum with her friend Sam...mmm hm mm, Chevron dress
from Target, why don't they make women's clothes as cute as
girl's clothes?

And lastly, I bought this chair for $8 at a yard sale.

So, I am gonna try to do my first DIY!  
It needs some paint, some cushions, and some love from Moi!
I found this fabric for sooo cheap {still need to buy, can't decide on the color scheme}
...I had to share.

Thanks for being, fierce So Stinkin' Cute fans, 
I love each and every one of you and your greasy hair too!



Elizabeth Benfield said...

i LOVE that chair ... what a great find!

nealy said...

Check out the fabrics online at There are some super cute chevron patterns, and lots of other cute geometric patterns too.

Pink said...

Its impossible not to be a fan of your blog since you have everything from shopping finds to celeb buzz in one fabulous site. I love your taste and all your great finds (the prices are perfection)


Jen said...

Suzanne -You're a hoot! I can already tell I will enjoy reading your blog! :) Enjoy your day! Sweatin' my booty off here in Boston :/