Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chills, I tell ya!

My kids go to a kid's "school" program at a local church.
They love putting on "school" clothes and helping me pack their 
They love making little art projects and running
around the gym...of course they are super happy when I pick them up too!

This sign hangs at the top of the stairs at their school.

The first time I saw it, it literally brought tears to my eyes.

And every time I re-read it, it gives me chills.

The reason being is, I teach them things all day long.
Things about life, who they are, and who there parents are.
And at the ages of 3 and 1 and a half, 
I still can control most of what they experience in life.

This world is gonna teach them a whole different side of life.
This sign confirms that I know they are almost as safe there,
as they are in our home.

And before I let them out into this big world, 
I love knowing when they aren't with me,
they are learning about Jesus and what is true and right.


JC's Loft said...

This post warmed my heart...


Having the joy of being able to see where T & T get to spend time one day a week while I was in MN. I seen that sign and it warmed my heart knowing that all the children are learning about God the one who created each one of them to be special.

Elizabeth Benfield said...