Monday, September 27, 2010

Say it Isn't So!

I write this with shaky hands...cuz I am scared to say this out loud.
Especially to you my faithful followers.... I need you, like a kid needs their nuk,
like a dog needs affection, like everyone needs a hug, and everyone 
wants to know they are normal.
I need your support, your listening ears, and your typing fingers to tell me,
it's okay, and you are here to support me and my severe addiction.
Inhale, exhale.
I NEED my Diet Coke.
to a long time friend.

Diet Coca-Cola.

This is how I like you the most, on ice, in a cup, with a straw.
I used to like it best out of a sweaty, 16 oz. plastic bottle.

I keep you in my home, my fridge, like this....
And that way, you are ALWAYS there for me, when I need you.
I just reach in, and grab, and snap open the top, 
and in mere seconds you slide down my throat,
making my problems seem so bearable, that I fall
further in love with you.

I don't think I would ever even eat McDonald's french fries, 
if I couldn't pair them with my good friend, Diet Coke.

I love it when I am visiting my parent's house, 
and I skip down their stairs to the basement refrigerator 
to wrap my paws around the sweet lovin' of a cold, frosty, Diet Coke.

I'm like a puppet-on-a-string  for Diet Coke....if someone offers me a one,
the answer is never "No".

And, if I knew this necklace existed, it would don my decolletage.
Because, you will always be close to my heart.

So, why am I spilling my guts, opening up to the world about my addiction?

Because, I think it is time to sever the ties, 
to say goodbye to clean, fresh living, with no bubbly whatsoever!

Mainly, because my Mom sent me a video on what carbonation, 
and diet soda does to your body.
And, secondly because all of those chemicals cannot be good over time.
Oh, and the main reason, I hear you drop 5-7 pounds when you quit soda, 
even just diet soda.

I haven't decided how I am gonna do it, or when, but it's coming.
But, the thought of it makes me ill, like I am breaking up with a perfectly good guy, 
or a great girlfriend who has always been there for me.

And, I figure if I tell you, I will have to be accountable.

Branmuffin is just as much an addict and he says "He is down" at joining me on
this scary feat, this crusade of learning.  
But, I am not convinced.
I need help, I need a confidant. 
I need a group like alcoholics have AA, 
and a place like Lindsay Lohan gets to go to.

Give me some comforting words that I can hold onto.
Tell me it will be okay.
I would rather give up sipping wine and my IPhone than do this,
and that says a lot!

{In the fetal position}


lhoffman said...

WOW! Good for you! BTW- can you send me the video? I've never liked diet so I do the Dew and the Dr. straight up- with the 12 tsp of sugar (ew- just the sound of that reality should be enough). I've actually stopped a few times and, yes, I did lose weight. For a couple weeks last summer I walked with the kids and gave up soda, drank more water (easier to do when it's hot out... I have a hard time drinking water in the winter when it's cold out... (funny how the same doesn't apply to soda!) I lost 6 lbs and felt so much lighter... and had SO much more energy- which we totally need keeping up with our kiddos ;)

I DON'T think you want the same group as Li Lo, since it clearly hasn't worked for her.... but I'm totally in! Maybe we should start a FB group for support.... why not? Let's make a pact that, starting tomorrow, we call the other when we want one. Great that Brando wants to stop. Eric drinks diet so since I do regular, it's on me to not buy it and bring it in the house- don't even have his for temptation.

Let's chat more about this tomorrow night!

BTW- I saw a show on TLC last weekend called "Freaky Eaters"- this 20 year-old drinks 30 (yes, 3-0) cans of Coke daily. Ewwwww

Alissa said...

Maybe we should wait until after our weekend away. You know we'll be begging for a "salt lick please", so a diet Coke will definitely be in order. As an addict myself, however, I fully support any decisions you make. But I'm thinking holding out and starting this in a few weeks would be better...just saying...


I just giggled so hard that I snorted... A true confession from your Mother In-Law....
Hey, hey you get out of Suzanne's way,
because today is the day
she is going to blow her addiction to
The first thing you have to admit:
Step One: We admitted we were powerless over Diet Coke, that our lives had become unmanageable....
Love you- I know you can do it once you get out of your fetal position...

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! I too have kicked DC. I also lost 6 lbs. And now I reach for green tea. Iced in summer, hot in winter. It still has caff tho. Expect to come off the fake sugar and the caffiene like a crackhead, but before you know it you'll be good to go! You'll be more hydrated, your skin, hair and nails will be great. Your energy will stabilize, so will your appetite... Good stuff, girl! Go for it!

Sophia Makes Three said...

Hmmm...I'd like to see that video too! I never used to drink much pop, but since switching to Diet, I sometimes have THREE Diet Cokes a day. Is it really true that you can lose weight if you stop drinking a calorie free beverage?!

Suzanne said...

Oh, you all are such good support! I will post the video, long, but good, and very scientific. I think I am going to start with not having it in the house....then go from there. After my girl's weekend away in October!

Holly said...

Can't wait to watch the sound's disturbing. Good luck! hope you can rid yourself of the Diet Coke, maybe I can try it with Diet Dr. P.

Love you guys!

mary timmers said...

SO NOT TRUE!!! I'm your MOTHER and I know you would not, could not, give up drinking wine and your Ipod!

Mama O said...

I stand behind Mrs. Timmers remark. Amen. ;)


Amen to Mary too!!