Monday, September 13, 2010

My staycation was heaven and I don't care if you judge that statement!!

 Major apologies...I have been MIA from the blog world.
However, I have the best reason under the sun, moon, and stars.
I was on a STAY CATION!  Yeah, no hubs, no kids for 1 whole week.

I couldn't tell you cuz that just wouldn't have been know, 
hey everyone I am home alone in a big house with no big, strong husband to protect me.

The thing is, I thought I would have blogged a TON, and gotten oodles of things done, but I didn't!

I reveled in the quiet, the cleanliness, and the amount of nothing kid-like to do.

 After I dropped the whole clan at the airport, 
I went home and slept till 9:30! 
Seriously, if you have kids... your mouth is hanging open, and you
are struggling to remember the last time you slept that late,
and saw your house stay clean for 7 days straight.

Okay, so this is what I DID do!

1.Lots of lunches with girlfriends.
2.Shopping and never having to check the clock.
3.Prosecco at 2:30 in the afternoon, cuz I could.

4.Sleepovers with friends at my house.

5.I worked on my chair that I mentioned here.

And when it's finished, I will share how I did it, if I love it,
and that's a big IF.

6. Oh, and one more thing...breakfast at a restaurant, a hot breakfast....
with no kids interrupting my coffee and my conversation.

So...where was the whole fam damily?
In Washington state, visiting Branmuffin's family and taking a pic of all 7 grand kids.

Cuties, huh?

And then they came home...super late on Saturday night.
Now, my mother in law is gonna be here for 2 weeks.

She promises us lots of babysitting for date nights and 
taking awesome pics with her new camera!
Can't wait for the help and maybe I will do some fashion posts
with my new Fall fashion items!



It was so much fun taking pictures of all the kiddos.... Memories that I will cherish for ever.

lhoffman said...

So exciting- except where was I for the sleepover? lol. J/K... here with my own kiddos ;) Glad you got some R&R and a chance to recharge! Look forward to seeing you (hopefully) Wednesday!

Amy said...

Suzanne! that sounds heavenly!!!! So jealous. I had 1.5 days of staycation in August. It was fantastic! I wished it could have been L O N G E R!!! I did get the whole house clean (which is a feat in of itself! I usually have 1 level clean at a time!) so we could come home from our WI vacation to a nice clean house and everyone had clean sheets. Oh, how productive we could be if we had staycations more often!

Tamara Nicole said...

Sooo glad you enjoyed your much needed stay-cation!!! I had a week off of work and just worked my tail off on crafts and blogging. Kinda jealous you enjoyed your time off ha ha.

Enjoy date nights! Also,working on your tag will post soon and let you know!

Lace said...

So happy you had a nice, relaxing staycation! I am mega jealous! You totally deserved it though :)

& I agree that breakfast at a restaurant is the best :)

bcartmil said...

Those girls stayed at my house? Damn... Thats the last time I leave you alone.

Beth said...

Bahahaha! Brandon, that was the best comment of all :)
Glad you had a great time Suzanne!

JC's Loft said...

Stop it I'm soooo incredibly jealous! I have a girls weekend coming up and seeing your post makes me more excited : )