Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {Kids & Bling}

Okay...just get ready for lots of jewelry talk.  
It's been awhile....too long....and I think it's about time I get you 
all shined up with a blingy give-away.

But, before I reveal the next give-away,
I gotta tell you the latest happenings around this house...
all having to do with bling or jewelry.

The good news...I hooked Tatum up with a bracelet from Silverado.
She has been begging as you have seen from various videos,
like this one.

She just had her 3rd birthday, and can't read so it's safe to say to the "blog world"
she will be getting one at her party this weekend!

Here are a few of the beads I added to a kids bracelet to start her out...

They are soooo cute, and tiny, and I seriously believe that every
girl deserves a special bracelet with a bit of bling!
So, keep it in mind for your special girl, or any special little girl you know!
You can order it at MustHaveMoxie!

I got my wedding ring set rhodium plated last week.
It's my tip for any of you that own jewelry that is white gold.
Do it every year or so and it will look like a newer, shinier, bigger, ring for a
minimal cost.

This is what mine looks like now....

bigger and blingier than evahhh!

{um.....I wish!}

Speaking of wedding rings, when Branmuffin was off in Washington,
he lost his wedding ring!  I should be so mad!  It's sooo like him to do that.
I've been telling him for over a year to get it sized down...
but, you know men...

Here is his new's Titanium.
His good friend gave it to him, in time to wear while 
he was out of state, away from Moi, attending a bachelor party.
What wife wants to hear her husband lost his wedding ring a day before
he attends a bachelor party 10 states away?


Check it.....

It's my new IPhone cover...too flashy?
Not for me, I can never get enough bling.
Thanks, know how to inspire a woman to greatness!

And lastly...the next give-away bead.

The blue heart bling bead.  It's value is $38.50...
If you want to win it:

Leave me a comment here, you should be a follower by now, 
if not become's easy.  
Comment on what I should do to punish my hubs for losing his wedding ring,
or whatever...

Become a fan of Must Have Moxie on Facebook.

I total  today's comments, and the next two Thursday's comments,
and  pick a winner ....super simple, 
enter every Thursday of the give-away....go ahead...I keep it easy...
and I want YOU to win!



Tember said...

I LOVE the new bead! And Tatum is going to be so excited! I have a little something for her, next time we play date I'll bring it. :) My hubby never wears his ring so he wouldn't have had it on to lose it...maybe it's good that he lost it far away so you don't spend the rest of your existence searching your house for it!

JC's Loft said...

I WANT your i phone cover!!!!! I have I don't know what it's called, haha. It's like an i phone, my husband brought it home and I didn't ask questions! I need that cover!!!!

Amy said...

How fun for Tatum to have a cute bracelet from Momma! My girls will be jealous. Perhaps we can work on that for them for next year!

And there seems to be a rash of people loosing their wedding rings as of late...I can relate, I need to get my resized as well, and to be honest...getting to a jeweler, or finding one here I can trust, is a bit down on the priority list. My jeweler in IL was the father of one of my friends...very safe and talented!

Beth said...

Hmm..Dan needs his resized too. I better get him on it before he loses his ring!!

Cute bead! I love that you got a bracelet for Tatum - little girls love to be just like mom!


I have seen Tatum's bracelet and it is So Stinkin' Cute... She is going to be so excited when she gets it.
Branmuffin/Scooter needs no punishment. I was there when he came home from the river where he lost it and he felt bad enough.... He looked like a sad puppy with his tail between his legs.

Anonymous said...

I WANT A BRACELET!!! I told Brandon I wont start my bracelet until my little princess picks my name I want my first bead to be special!!

p.s. Brandon was very sad about the ring :( Dad just wanted him to have a new one I guess! Love you all and thank you for letting me have my mom back Saturday!!!

wright said...

Suzanne, I had so much fun at your "trunk party." Your stuff is so much fun to look at, Nealy is such a great hostess, and of course, it is always nice to have some grown up girl time. Thanks so much for having it!