Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick Momma does a Fashion Post?

The bad news, I am sick.
I have that cold that everyone seems to have, that supposedly lasts for 10 days.
Rather than complain, cuz believe me I want to, I will 
do my promised fashion post.
This was taken this weekend, pre-sick Suzanne.
Purse-don't be jeal, scoured the racks at TJMaxx and nabbed it at $39.99.

My knee high boots, that everyone who knows me will be sick of in
approximately 6 months. {Len Druskin Outlet}

Jeggings...I took the plunge, and am happy with the comfort especially!
Black--throw on with any outfit as you walk out the door--coat.
TJMaxx $24.99

And of course, my son, that at this stage,
hates leaving my side for more than 30 seconds.

And I am proud to announce the newest member of our little family!

The Canon Rebel that my gracious, Mother In Law purchased for us.
She insists that we take tons of pics for her, and 
that as a family we make tons of memories.

So, once I take the time to figure out this bad-boy, 
you will be seeing better photos here.
Thanks Betty!
She gets all the credit for the above photos.




Thank You Suzanne!!!
I hope you feel better soon. I know your nurse is taking great care of you.... Oh by the way blog readers it is not Branmuffin... He is busy with his JOB so his momma is helping out and it is my pleasure to be here for my Cartmill Family.

mary timmers said...

You look fab, and I know you are in great hands!

JC's Loft said...

I'm sick doesn't it! I love that black coat. Like I need another excuse to go to TJ Maxx : )

Lindsay said...

love the boots and jeggings...I live in mine!