Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Sandra,

Dear Sandra,
I just wanna squeeze that Baby Louis.
Congrats on becoming a Mom!
You are my fave and I am your biggest fan.  Do I sound like a stalker?
I heard your recent interview talking about motherhood and how it changes who you are. 

I know you said... you can never be prepared for how hard it is to be a parent 
and how much you live for your child, and just in general, the amount of work it can be.
And for that, I love you even more, cuz you are speaking my language.

And I agree, cuz when my husband travels, and I work 14 hour days, 
I get a little crazy and tired.

My son, Turner is turning into quite the character.  One minute he is flirting and hugging everyone he can...
so this shirt is sooooo appropriate.

And the next minute, he is chewing out his sister in baby talk,
ending each sentence with  "No!" and "Mine!".

So, Sandra....don't feel bad if you let your kids run naked 
in the sprinkler someday....

and eat what they find in the garden...

Cuz, if your Baby Louis is anything like my children can be...

You are gonna be tired!

But, it's all worth it in the end!

I love you, Sandra....just a little bit,
you complete me, and I google you everyday to see if there is any new gossip on you.

{P.S. No, Turner does not own a neon, blue, Speedo with polka-dots.  
Nor does my dog wear a bikini when we snuggle.  But, I have to protect the innocent
from internet freaks.  And I know you understand that lifestyle, 
cuz we put ourselves out there didn't we?  Mwaaa...XOXO!!}

Till my next piece of fan mail,



I loved todays post....
Keep up the amazing posting so I can smile and giggle each morning...
Turner you are looking very handsome in your outfit. Tell mom to put that one in the suit case..

Elizabeth Benfield said...

i love sandra too ... i would like to be like her when i grow up!

i am a newer follower and i have to tell you ... you make me laugh. almost every day. recently, i have really been needing these laughs, so keep up the good work and thanks!

Tember said...

Love her! Love you! You are the world's best blogger, keep it up. And just for you, I'm getting my feet wet with a bit of blogging. Not very exciting and not fancy but I'm giving it a go, even if it's just a place to put my thoughts. :)

lhoffman said...

Love you- you crack me up!!

Nycia @ Inspired Events said...

CUTE POST!! I have that onesie, go it as a baby shower gift! I can't wait for baby Z to wear his..

chevysmith said...

Another laugh out loud post! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

kimble said...

I can't stop laughing! The bikini on the dog is just too much!