Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bead-A-Full Thursday {More Verado}

So, if you follow this blog you know, I give away jewelry.
Jewelry from Silverado USA

And they have added a new line called Verado .

Here are some pics, and know, that I will give Verado away in the future too!

So what I'm sayin is, if you want in on the Verado action, 
come here every single Thursday, or every single day, for that matter.

This is the current give-away, leave me a comment and you may win.
And after this giveaway, things are gonna change, 
and this change is good!

My secret will be revealed by August 1st....
you know the one I keep on mentioning, here and here
yeah it's finally gonna come to fruition.

Leave me a comment to enter, become a follower here, and 
become a fan of Silverado USA on Facebook. fellow jewelry freaks!


Dana said...

Oooh, the Verado looks like so much fun!!

Alissa said...

Gotta love jewelry or any other accessories or shoes for that matter. They always "fit" no matter if you missed the gym a few times during the week or had a bad food week. Can't wait to add more beads to my bracelet!

Beth said...

Hmm...that bead is super cute! :) Can't wait for you to spill...

Sydney said...

Beautiful! Cant wait for you to start your Silverado biz! Gotta love jewelery!

sue said...

I just found out about Silverado - very excited!
Good bye Pandora!


I am leaving my comment again on Pacific Standard time.... Love Silverado and Verado both, but I have a few Silverado must haves... The pink heart is a must have too so bring on the drawing for all of your jewelery freaks.

llangton said...

Love the blog, love the jewelry!