Friday, July 9, 2010

Have U had your Vemma today?

Did you see it?
She's pretty darn cute!  So happy for her!

 Oh, and her ring, if you missed it...HOW COULD YOU?  It's enormous!

I should have had a gay, wedding would've
made things so much easier.  What a smart girl, that Bethenny!

Ask my Mom, the morning of my wedding, we were decorating the church,
and I was laying on the church floor, 
exhausted from not delegating enough, 
bawling from being overwhelmed...if I only would have
forked over HUGE bucks to have some help!

This might have first product review!
I was sent some samples of this product!
Energy drinks, with the main product being mangosteen!
And they taste good, I drink it on ice while my kids
stuff breakfast in their mouths.

Vemma...a great tasting energy drink,
 a majorly easy way to get nutrients that are good for your body
 and give you energy...and this is what this Momma needs!

Here is some info on the company
if you are looking for a money making opportunity 
or a way to get something good into your body fast!

{Vemma is a network marketing company.  It's relatively new, and the parent company New Vision Intl has been around for about 15 years.  Since it's a networking company, people order through distributors or as they are called in Vemma; a Brand Partner.  It's also an income opportunity as well.  In Vemma, people can solely be customers or have the option of creating income for themselves.  When people order, they have the option of being a customer or a Brand Partner.  There are no annual fees, sign up costs, etc.  All that you pay for is your product and sign on to auto shipment.  When becoming a Brand Partner, Vemma offers a free website and access to training tools, brochures, download's, events, etc.  basically anything that will help your business grow.  As a customer, Vemma offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all products.  Auto Shipment is also available and it is convenient.   Vemma vitamins are in liquid form and the body absorbs almost 95% of that.  So results can be produced quickly. }
So, go here.
And, if you want a direct contact:
Email Robin at
 By the way, if you have products you want me to review,
contact's official, I do that stuff..


Summer said...

BAWLED through that wedding ceremony! =) Makes me want to get married all over again without a budget. lol

mary timmers said...

Yes, you were laying at the front of the church-- prostrate on the floor- bawling. But let me just tell everyone, that girl cleans up nice! By 7.30 that night she was Gorgeous! No puffy red eyes, no headache, just beautiful. And it's not because I'm her mom that I can say this. Check out the pictures sometime!

Natalie said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I am so glad I did! It is so fun!! :)


Mary you are right... Suzanne cleans up really well into a beautiful lady.... I am her mother in law and I think the same thing.

Kim said...

I've seen the pics - she was gorg on her wedding day! Any calories in the Vomma???!