Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grab these fast!

I remember the days when I just had one kid.
I had the time to check out other mom's strollers and diaper bags.
 I wanted to have the right bag and stroller to complete my
look as a mom.  I could spend hours shopping on the internet
while my baby was in a sleepfull slumber.
Now, I go with whatever I got and can grab in a flash 
as I rush out the door.

I recently found an article in Parenting magazine
on ridiculous products for kids and I just had to share a few!

This is for potty training boys or a potty on the go.
What?  I don't want to carry a test tube of Turner's potty with me!

Sonogram cufflinks.... say no more, 
so glad Branmuffin doesn't have these on his birthday list!

This is a time-out pad.  
It provides entertainment and games when you have your child in 
time-out...what?  Wasn't the point for them to think about why they are in 
time-out and for them to miss out on all of the fun for a couple of minutes?

Okay, gross.  Don't know what to do with your placenta 
after you push your baby out?
A placenta teddy bear kit...
eww...the only words I can even muster.

$150 Swaroski crystal pacifier, 
I love it, I will take 3!

And for all of you women with this problem!



Misty said...

The placenta teddy bear made me throw up a little in my mouth. Who comes up with this stuff?

lhoffman said...

Ewwww.. Though, I have to say... the tube I COULD see. Maybe. Like when you're traveling alone with three kids (such as ages 3 1/2 and 20 month old twins)- and 20 minutes later, (with twins asleep and the elder who needs to go to the bathroom), the idea of waking two, and dragging three into a public bathroom for all of 30 seconds isn't always so appealing... then maybe. As a last resort. I'm just saying. ;)

Jen Polman said...

My kid pees in the yard when he's too busy to make it inside and in an ikea potty chair that I scored for $3 and keep in the car when we're on the go! Sonogram cufflinks--weird-o!

I do have to say that my oldest has been at his grandparents for 2 days now and it's amazing how much easier my life has been. I've been able to spend one-on-one time with the little one, take him out shopping, and lunch with a friend, and spend and evening with my hubs at home child-free at 7:30pm.

Like they say, "One's a hobby, two's a job."

Jen Polman said...

I failed to mention... I LOVE MY JOB!

Amy said...

Instead of test tube, try an empty water bottle! That placenta bear is just plain gross!!!!


Suzanne this post make me think you have to much time on your hand when you are running around the house with my two grandbabies. Placenta Teddy Bear was very icky....