Monday, July 19, 2010

Disney, you've made my life difficult

Dear Disney-

Thanks to you, my daughter changes her clothes 
to become a princess an average of 29 times a day.

Thanks to you, my daughter calls her brother 
and father "Prince Charming".

Thanks to you, my daughter only uses princess 
toothpaste to make her "teef sparkly".

Thanks to you, my daughter insists on 
me calling her "Princess Tatum".

Thanks to you, my daughter opens and closes 
the door all day long to "go to da ball!".

Thanks to you, my daughter screams at the top of her lungs 
if her brother so much as looks at her new princess make-up table.

Thanks to you, for locking the real Little Mermaid video in the vault
so I can't truly satisfy my daughter's needs to know Ariel.

But, all in all, I thank God everyday for who she is becoming,
a princess, which is totally cool in my book!
I love you, Tatum!


Mama Orser said...

I miss those days terribly. Taryn would wear her Princess gowns on every errand we went on. And she would BEAM with pride at every person who stopped to tell her what a pretty little princess she was!!! (And so would I) Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)

mary timmers said...

Once a princess, always a princess. It's in there, they are born with it, and it's the wise parent that lets it flurish! Don't forget that YOU are a princess too!

Beth said...

Maren and Addie are the same way! They are obsessed, they tell me daily that their names are "Belle" and "Cinderella". We sure are lucky Mommy's to have these beautiful Princesses in our lives :)