Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hottie Pa-Tottie!

Branmuffin and I finally made it to a Twins game!
That meant a date nite, with another couple, our neighbors,
thanks Dave & Krista!

I sent Branmuffin out at nap-time to look for something Twins for me to wear
cuz I believe you must rock to the look of the event you attend.
He came back with a couple of options, 
pretty darn good for a guy sent on a mission.
But, I decided to just go with my own look.

I realized that all of the hype is with Joe Mauer, 
the Mauer jersey was definitely most popular in the stands and at 
the stadium....and I can see why.....

Hottie Pa-Tottie!

And here is my own hottie pa-tottie and his butt!

Toodles, baseball fans!


Tamara Nicole said...

Looks liek you guys had a blast! And yes. . . eye candy helps! Lol


As Branmuffin would say "NICE".

Alissa said...

Take a listen to a Joe Mauer interview and you might change your tune. The guy uses every sports cliche in the book! He can get a little old to listen to, but I guess I can agree that he doesn't get old to look at :)

What about my fav, Michael Cuddyer? Dipples so deep I could just take a swim in them! Chris refers to him as "my boy" whenever he's up to bat or makes a play.

Glad to see you had a fun weekend. Gotta love that outdoor baseball :)