Monday, July 26, 2010

Pick-A-Winner Monday!

Are you kidding me?
It's that easy, that simple, to win $38.50 in fine jewelry?

All you do is leave a comment where I say to and you can win this?
That's nuts!
Wanna see who won this time?


Alissa said...

Oh Miss Tatum, you made my day! Suz - I can't believe that I won. And I love, love, love the pink bead. It will be a great addition to my bracelet. Thank you!!


WOOT WOOT Alissa won....
Ellie and Anthony who are cousins to Tatum and Anthony (Brandon's side of the family) LOVED LOVED the video and had to watch it over and over again. Even though they live far away they love to see the videos and pictures of them,,,
Good Job Tatum for picking Alissa name out of the bowl of names...