Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bachelor recap & Pretty Nails!

{Image via Tumblr}

I'm gonna tell you my secrets.
Not the big ones.
But, the secret to perfect nails.

Before we talk nails, how about the Bachelor last night?
If you don't remember, click here
cuz I predicted that lil' Ashley would go home.
That girl was too immature for a marriage proposal.
Good for her wanting to be a dentist and working
hard for her career.....but Big Brad wanted
her to swoon over him and say she was moving to Austin!

Now, I have my predictions on who is going to win, but
I am gonna have to wait till I see how these chicks act in front of his
parents....that tells it all.
I few weeks back I complained of my nails not staying
painted for even 24 hours.  I complained, and you came to my aid and 
for that, I am eternally grateful!  So, I used some of your tips on
technique and product and now when I paint my nails....
my home manicure lasts for 5 days!

Wowsers....that's kind of huge!

Here's what I use for a base coat....

and here's what I use for a top coat....

I challenge you to paint your nails.
No matter what your job, it makes me feel more polished and
put together and not so blah.

I also have a friend who may start doing the polish that 
you get done at a salon with UV light that lasts for two weeks.
I will review it if I give that a try too.

Paint your nails, I dare you, and tell me if you feel better
about YOU!!  Isn't that sooo important?


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Holly said...

Did you see Pioneer Woman's post on the shellac? I am assuming that is what your friend might be starting to do. It was pretty impressive after a full week. Not so much after two, but I would definitely be interested in having it done.