Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MIA....Bachelor recap

U can guess if you haven't heard from me on this blog, 
it's cuz I am buried under the needs of life.
Two kids and a travelling husband can take it's toll.
Not always on me, but I will tell you...the blog, is the first thing to go.
At the end of a long day with two kids, I want to watch t.v., 
do my nails, relax with my husband, or sleep.

I'm sorry little blog and faithful readers....you are important, 
but sometimes I think "what could I really say today?"....
what I need to remember is this....
you care to hear about the little things in my life.

I read "The Pioneer Woman" blog faithfully and even though
 I don't homeschool, cook, and photograph everything...the thing
I love about her is her reality, because in some way I identify with her life
and always want more.

I've got a million blog posts floating around in this little head
and hopefully I will find the time to get them down on the computer in a timely manner.

Alright, what about the Bachelor???
Did you watch?
I did, with Brandon..cuz he is hooked and I named it!
I knew it would be Shawntel to go home!

Wanna know how?
Brad likes women who jump up and down and swoon over him.
That at-home date, did nothing for him.

So, who do you think is gonna make it?

I don't know yet, but I will go out on a limb and say that Ashley
is the next one out the door....she's too young and cheerleader-y for him.
Although, I am not sure Emily will make the cut either.
Not just because she has a little girl, but 
because he is always sweating and nervous around her.

My goodness, that girl is just beautiful and cannot get any more
adorable, could she?

We rented this movie this weekend so I can be
up-to-date for the Oscars this weekend.......Ummmm...
it's a NO.  Super depressing and dark, not worth it, winter is
dark enough around these parts....don't take the time.

I've got 3 give-aways coming folks!
Stick with me and my busy life and make sure you enter to win.
I'm off to paint my nails, make out with my DVR, and
fold laundry..............



You are back and my shakes are gone. Whew!!!! Got to let you know that Brandon's brother Travis is hooked too. He watches it with me, it must be genetic. Anywhoooo I guessed it too, I think the next to go will be the same as you are guessing Suzanne.
I think Brad is sweaty and nervous around Emily is that he really cares and has more respect for her than the others. He needs to be him self.
Looking forward to your Oscars Awards post...

Elizabeth Benfield said...

so glad to see "so stinking cute" pop up on my feed!

i am offering my very first giveaway if you wanna check it out :0)