Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't call me at 7 pm, I won't answer..

{Do you think he farts while he waits for the girls to meet him?
it kind of looks like he did in this picture.}

Big, bad Brad is picking his woman tonight on The Bachelor.
I am planning my night accordingly.

6:30 pm....brownies baking in oven
6:40 pm....Tatum gets her dose of melatonin
{she better not mess with Momma tonight}
6:45 cleaned, lights dimmed
7:00 pm...two kids in bed, fast asleep

Oh you guys, I cannot wait.

Who will it be?

I have not read any spoilers and I will not!
My thoughts are Chantal.

Emily would be too obvious, she is gorgeous and sweet, but 
she does bring a kid into the mix {some men don't like baggage}
is Brad one of them?

Oh, I don't know though, it's killing me.
So while I run my errands today, my head is spinning.

Seriously though, don't call or text me at 7 pm, 

One question?  Who is gonna deal with my kids if 
bed-time doesn't go right?



Kellon and I have bible study tonight. I told him I have to be home by 8 p.m., or I could call you for big pick. Not I can not do that, Travis and I will be watching it together.... :)

Natalie said...

I am excited for tonight. I have to say that I will be really happy with whom ever he chooses out of the two left. I really like them both, but for different reasons. I do think that there will be problems with Em's daughter always being "her" daughter and raising her might be tough for him. I think she isn't fully over her fiance yet, but I am glad she is giving it a go. I will be at a movie tonight, so I will be recording it...but will google who he chose as soon as I get home! :)

lhoffman said...

According to "US" magazine last week (I think that's the magazine I saw it in)- she and RIcky weren't that serious- and they weren't actually engaged when he died. Will be interesting to see. According to this week's magazine, he's quoted as saying early on who he'd pick.. he just seems to be nervous around Emily, like he really likes her. Something about Chantal and her slapping him the first night (why does every woman feel he owes them something for the first time around?) She seems like she'd be more than a handful, and VERY high maintenance...