Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Weather, Clothes, and another DIY

8 official days till Spring...

and I'm hoping some of these pictures will improve your
outlook on Winter....cuz they sure have for me...

{Images via tumblr}

I hosted my CAbi party today, thanks all who participated.
I had to go get some pink tulips
20 minutes before guests were to arrive, 
and fill their mimosa cups to believe it was time to buy 
Spring clothes.

What a fun time and successful party, thanks for all who 
could make it!

This weekend we are gonna attempt to make an upholstered
headboard...I can't wait, because our bedroom really could use one
and it's big enough for the size we intend to build.

Wanna sneak peak of the fabric?

It has two sides and I'm not positive on which side we will use, 
but either way, I have enough to make pillows....
or convince my Mom to volunteer for the job.

Here it is:

and the other side looks like this:

Put your vote in on mostly pink side or mostly white side.
And please, let the temps really reach 50 degrees like the
weatherman reports.

Also, on a much more, serious note.... let me know of any
good organizations you know of, to donate to the people of Japan.
It's beyond devastating what is going on over there and
I would love to promote and contribute to a good charity
doing work over there. 

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead too!



Leah said...

Hey, I never saw you in those rainbow pants! Did I miss it? Soph and I had a great time. Hope it was a success for you.


White with the pink and pillows out of the pink. If you have any more extra send it my way and I can make Brandmuffin some PJ bottoms. :-)

lhoffman said...

Leah- no you didn't ;) Thanks for coming- it was great meeting you!

Thanks to you Suzanne- your house is gorgeous (I love what you've done with the place)- such a great group of friends and I had a blast!

I like Betty's suggestion! Darker pillows would really make it pop! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Beka said...

Absolutely adore that fabric you've chosen - can't wait to see the final result!

Thanks for the beautiful spring pics....

If you want to do something to help the people in Japan I can't recommend a better way than giving to The Salvation Army. They are taking donations online or you can text your donation. They will make a difference from day 1 until the day they don't need to be there any more. Take just a moment today to give something. You will be a part of making things better for people in that devastated country. I used to work for The Salvation Army Headquarters and have to tell you that it is by far one of the best organizations to donate to! I don't remember the exact number, as it's been a long time, but something like 96% of every dollar donated goes straight to your designated fund (like Japan); I don't think there is another organization that is even close to that percentage!

And we want to see more house pictures please!! ;)

Holly said...

Love the mostly white with pink! It's gorgeous! I received the bead in the pretty - wearing it tomorrow! Thank you!