Thursday, March 24, 2011

The next Princess Wedding

When I was 8 years old I watched my first royal wedding.
I don't remember a ton of details, but I remember
watching Princess Diana walk down the aisle to her
Prince.  Her dress had a huge, long train...remember?
My Mom was, and still is an avid sewer and I remember telling
her that I wanted a wedding dress like that someday...and asking,would
she sew me one like that?

I always was a huge fan of Princess Diana, and
thought she was stunningly beautiful.  I loved her short, blond
hair and blue eyes...something I could never look like.
I loved her style and her grace and what she did for others.
I love to this day, the kind of Mom she was to her boys.

It was a sad day for my Mom and I when we heard of her death.
Oddly enough, we were together on that day as well.
Gone too soon.

Well, April 29, 2011 is going to come fast!
The next huge Royal Wedding!

I love Kate Middleton's style as well, and think 
it's kind of the coolest thing ever that she has Princess Di's
engagement ring!

We have big plans on April 29th, and my little Princess Tatum
is already anticipating the upcoming nuptials.

We plan on sleeping at my Mom's house,
just Tatum and I, and waking at the exact time of the wedding.
Do you realize that is at 5:30 am our time?  Whew!
We plan on rolling out of bed, drinking coffee in our jam ma's and
Tatum can wear her best princess dress.
She has requested that we make her a wedding veil
for her to will be a really sweet, memory-making type 
of day....or at least that is what I am hoping for!

Do you have a princess in your home?
Would you care to join our celebration?
If so, let me know your plans!  
Maybe I will steal your ideas....maybe we could share pictures
of your celebration here at So Stinkin' Cute?!?!

We are pretty excited for the wedding, 
we could make this a big princess party....this side of the pond.



Anonymous said...

My mother is having a early morning party as well! She even went to Michaels and bought wedding invites and mailed them out with all of will and Kates info!

Suzanne said...

Cool idea to mail invites, may steal that one!

lhoffman said...

So excited, and so thrilled for him and Kate. Hard to believe that Princess Di's little boy has grown up and is getting married. Such a shame she's gone... I also vaguely remember the wedding, and unfortunately remember the night she died and the days that followed much more vividly. I still love Elton's Song "Goodbye England's Rose"... pray she was at peace when she passed away, though can't imagine how she could have been with all the chaos that constantly surrounded her.

She'll be one bright angel smiling down from heaven...

Holly said...

I am not sure how into this one I will get...I do like Kate's style, so I bet I get sucked in. I remember staying up to watch Fergie get married. I remember Diana getting married, but I bet my mom didn't let me stay up! How fun. My little princess is only 3.5 so she won;t get it, but maybe we'll come up with something special anyway...I will love and remember it for sure.

Adding the finishing touch said...

I'm very excited for the wedding and may steal your ideas and make them my own :) I plan on watching the wedding with my mom too! Enjoy!