Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My newest faves

I have a 3 year old daughter that does not know when to

That girl would party all day and all night if I let her.

Well....not any more....

This little bottle has saved my life, and my daughter's sleep 

Thank you Mom, and every other Mom who has suggested 
giving her Melatonin, cuz I should have done this a year ago at least.

It's totally natural, so don't go rolling your eyes and thinking
I've drugged my child, cuz I didn't ....but, I should have been.

This stuff is bliss, 
it calms her and takes away the half hour to hour and a half
"going to bed" process....that was kicking my a** daily.

And now, I love my life!

Wanna know what else I love?

"Bethenny Ever After" on Bravo!

You have to keep up with her show, she is adorable, she is soooo 
real, which I appreciate, and her life is just so fun to keep up with.
She's a busy, working Mom, but she keeps it real and knows her
priorities and I love, love, love it!

Last thing I am currently loving would be...

I recently had my first Shellac manicure.
I did the french manicure and I am on day 6 and there
is not one chip!  Nada!  I feel like they look like 
pink and whites or acrylic nails.

I am soooo sold.
My friend Krissa is doing them at her salon.
However, she is about to have her new baby boy soon
so this will give her some time to do nails for you at your home
or her's..... in Eagan, MN.  Let me know if you want me to connect you,
and you know I will!

Regardless, I am smitten.  It makes my nails feel stronger,
and I do dishes, clean, and everyday stuff and nothin'
makes this stuff budge!

I will take a picture in the next couple of days and keep 
you posted if I get a chip, but they claim it should last 14 days...

That's all folks...I just sent Brandon out to get my last favorite....
Cadbury Mini Eggs

and he's back, so I'm out....



I never thought of using Melatonin on younger children, I will have to let Tatum's auntie know about the stuff for Ellie. My 16 year old son Kellon uses Melatonin at the beginning of each school year to get himself back on the school sleeping schedule. As a mom I was not to sure but the stuff works.
I thought about you the other day when I seen your favorite eggs at The Mall of Eburg!! Enjoy!! Brandon you are the best to all the women in your life. Kellon just went and got me cookie dough icecream... Hugs to all of you...

Sydney said...

I am a user... Of melatonin that is! It makes me feel so refreshed in the mornings! Cuz on nights like tonight when I don't use it, I stay up until like 11:30, midnight at times just looking at blogs, and other websites. On nights when I do use it, I'm out by 10:30! Let me remind you i have to get up at 6:45 for school... Love that stuff!!

Those are my absolute favorite Easter treats!!

lhoffman said...

Good to see the liquid! Need to get me some for Ethan- and I should take it myself... I'm like Sydney! I personally stay up way too late- since my oldest doesn't go to bed at a decent time, so when he's finally asleep I have my first personal time of the day to just relax. But, sleep is a wonder (re-disovered that on vacation this past week when I passed out along with the kids while putting them to bed- and it was bliss!) Any hoo, I'll be off getting some tomorrow. Yay!

Summer said...

Okay I LOVE melatonin for myself!!! But I didn't know you could give it to kids! How much do you give her???

And yes, with you on Bethenny Ever After...she is awesome.

Beth said...

I took your advice and painted my nails....I may have to get a sitter and try the shellac because I have no time/patience to paint my own nails. I tried at night after the kids went to bed, no luck, woke up with sheet marks (thought they were dry enough). Next day tried while the kids were eating lunch, had to redo them 3 times, then gave up. UGH!
Anyway I'm glad yours are holding up and looking beautiful! Gotta have pretty hands to show off all of that gorgeous jewelry of yours!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I just started watching "Bethany Ever After". I watched "Bethany gets married" a few times. I'd love to try her margaritas. I was also thinking of having the shellac manicure done sometime.

Anonymous said...

I just did a google search for Shellac manicure Eagan MN and stumbled across your blog. Could you please send me info on your friend who does Shellac manicures? I live in Eagan and love Shellac! Please send the info to: madamedye@gmail.com Thank you!