Monday, March 14, 2011

Bachelor Finale!

Well, my gosh, either I should have been posting about The Bachelor for months, or
I should put more give-aways out followers just got to 200!

Let's party!

I just have to clarify why I have been all over The Bachelor?
Mainly it's this....don't you love to watch love happen?
I don't know how it was for you and your love in your life, 
but I waited a LONG time.
Marriage and love is great, but it sucks at times and is
hard at times.  Without speaking for my husband,
I can say we both would say ....when it's good it's good and when
it's's the worst.

I have learned that love isn't everything, you need much more.
You need to be on the same page when it comes to 
your thoughts on marriage, kids, family, faith, morals, 
and day to day life....but most of all...
you have to have communication!

Once you do, and that takes time, life/love gets easier.

Why do I like to follow The Bachelor?
It's no longer my life!
We don't get to travel or go on
long dinner dates or overnights.

So, Branmuffin and I live through this show.
He comes home from work, I cook a good dinner and dessert,
and we throw our kids in bed {sometimes literally}.
We talk about love, life and why he/she picks whomever is on the show.
And we live vicariously through whomever is on.

I think both girls were great on the finale.
I saw the "after show" and  knew that he and Emily would have
their problems...but what couple doesn't?

I just know, Emily is a Mom, so she is looking out for herself
and her daughter.  When I was single, I had to look out for me
and only me, but had my eyes on what would be a good
role model of a man for my future children.
I wanted my husband to be an example for my son 
of what he should be...and my daughter?
I knew she would need her Dad to be
the example for how  to love a man and how he would
provide, fight, and care for her.

Well, I'm tired and need to go to bed.
But, now you know why I take the time to watch this show.
Mainly, what are my other options?
I get a date-night with Branmuffin, a release from real-life, and
a look at someone else's makes for great t.v..

Love you, Babe....I'll watch reality t.v. till the end
of times with you...


lhoffman said...

Such a fabulous photo of you two... love you both!

Grandma Nina said...

Yes, very stinkin' cute picture of the two of you! I got hooked into the Bachelor this year because I started watching it with my DIL. Then I couldn't quit! My hubby can't stand it and wouldn't watch with me. But we're a full generation older than you and maybe 25 years ago he would have.

Leah said...

Love this one! And I love the photo..I want to do that with the L O V E. SO cute!