Friday, March 4, 2011

A GOOD Company

My faith in this world has been restored.
I can't believe there is a company that could do what they 
just did for me.
No, I'm not getting anything for this post, no money, nada.

I just want to share, and hope you share with friends.

We ordered 14 new blinds for our house through

We got them pretty fast, Branmuffin strapped on a tool belt,
grabbed a beer and got to work...maybe the beer was to help with frustration?
Does your man do that?
Anyhoo...he came down the stairs to inform me that 5 of the blinds that were
of the same measurements for two rooms were off by 12 inches!
Seriously?  My stomach sank...that's a lot to be off by
(I did the online ordering)...on a lot of windows!

I felt horrible, tried to blame it on the company, but 
when I checked the was not their fault.
So, I found on their website that they offered free
ordering insurance for these instances
with free shipping of the wrong size back to them.
Cool!?!?  Nope, it gets better.
I called to see how to ship the blinds back and reorder the right size.  
They didn't condemn me or make me feel bad at all.
The best part?  
They don't want the old blinds back!
They want me to donate them to my favorite charity!
I bout' died.
I almost spit out my coffee!

So, they support Habitat for Humanity.
Do any of you have a connection with them, preferably in the 
Minnesota area?  If not, do you know of a family in need of blinds?
I want to give them to someone in need...they are brand new and in the box 

Here is the deets:  

Qty: 5
Height: 58 1/4"
Width: 47 1/4"
Color: White, 2" Faux wood

Let me know, I would be honored to meet up with you
and hand over 5 new blinds to someone who needs them!
Happy Friday folks!


Amy said...

Suzanne, I bought all of our blinds from them as well for this house. They have great customer service as you found out. I have recommended them numerous times and their prices are hard to beat!


Take them here:
Twin Cities Habitat ReStore
510 County Road D West
New Brighton, MN 55112
Tel: 612-588-3820
I shop at the store here in Eburg.. I have bought many items for my kitchen and dining room make overs... Paint is cheap there too...