Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Eyes!

Has anyone noticed that "the ugly phase" of kids/teenagers is gone?
I've got this babysitter and I won't name any names,
but it starts with an A and ends with a "son".....
she's so cute, so fashionable, and just got braces and
she looks like a million bucks.  I mean, they even make
braces cute and cool these days.

Not back in my day, every kid went through an awkward phase
that really sucked, and everyone close to my age has the pictures
to prove it....Let me tell you about mine.

When I was in the second grade, my parents were informed that I needed
glasses.  Almost every year after that my prescription got worse and 
worse.  I hated my glasses so much I would bawl to my parents.
It did not help that I had buck teeth, a bad haircut and 
didn't get any boobs or a mentrual period until age 14!

 I knew that in NO way would I ever look like this in glasses:

 or like this:

However, my Mom had a soft spot for me and my eyeglasses
and allowed me to get contacts when I was in the 6th grade.
How cool is that?
Well I was, for once in my short life.
I grew out my hair, spent my babysitting money on clothes and
slowly my teeth figured out where they should be.

To this day, I am super blind!  I don't know what my
eyesight is, but I wear contact lenses everyday in the negative 7's.
I don't need to get the laser surgery because
I almost never have problems with my contacts
{knock on wood}.
I pop em' in every morning and I'm off.
I even own fake glasses with bling, cuz you know me, I love bling
and I figure why not change up my look now and again.

Here's my point....if you have contact lenses and you are happy with them,
but want to find a new contact solution, I have the solution {pun intended}!
A good friend of mine sells this solution
to retailers and she gave me some to try.
I love it, not that I didn't like what I had before.
But this stuff is much more moisturizing than
the Target Brand I was using.
Sorry Target brand :(

So, I want you to have some too!
Free....cuz I love you and you love me and I like sending things
to people in the mail to make them feel good!

I will take the first 5 commenters that were former 
"Four Eyes" and send them some of this 
wonder liquid.

Comment with your email, I will email you and get your 
mailing address, easy as that!

Happy Thursday folks!
And if you are brave, send me a pic of your
ugly phase and I will post it here....I'm thinking of scanning some of my
ugly phase photos to give you all a good laugh.



SarahB said...

I'm a former glasses wearer and moved on to wearing contacts in 11th grade. My email is bocks(at)allegheny(dot)edu!

NCrow said...

I have a story very similar to yours! I got glasses in the 5th grade and my mom was nice enough to let me get contacts when I was in the 6th grade. I am afraid to get only get 1 set of eyes! I believe I burned all of my pics of me in my huge, pink, plastic frames with the coke bottle lenses!

~Nicole ncrow_26(at)yahoo(dot)com :) Thanks Suzanne!!


I am in need of a solution that helps with more moisture for my contacts. I do not like wearing my glasses... The other day my 10 year old grandson said I look "OLD" in my glasses. Just what I wanted to hear. Got to love those grandbabies.

Betsy said...

Me me me me

Betsy said...

aheroff2512 said...

You are so funny!! My braces are not cute ;) but you crack me up!! I'll send you a pic of me with braces and let other people decide if I am "cute and fashionable"!!! Love you so much Suzanne:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I became four eyes in college. Went and got contacts so I could see down the isle when I got married and not have to wear my glasses. A bride with glasses? ooomph. Been a lens wearer ever since. Now I have two eyes and two suction cups that suck the water right out...Can't posts picks of the frizzy hair and braces in 8th grade, still too painful :-/

wright said...

Well, I'm bummed that I wasn't one of the first 5 cuz I know what you mean about the Target brand- I just put my contacts in and they are dry :( But anyway, I got glasses in Kindergarten. Thankfully I didn't need that strap to keep them on like you see sometimes on little kids. It must have been 2nd or 3rd grade and I got Mickey Mouse glasses- there were the Mickey ears on the side of my frames- Anyway, that combined with the fact that they magnified my eyes so much (I am a +5 prescription), I was teased so much, I talked my parents into contacts in 4th grade! I never had to do braces, but I sure had my share of bad haircuts.