Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bayalage me baby!

I figured it out.
My solution to winter is......
wait for it....
I am going to go for this hot technique
that all of the celebs are doing.
It's called Balayage....
and this is what it looks like.

Sun-kissed tresses with less upkeep than your regular
old highlights bring.  That's what I get sooo tired of, 
dark roots and having to get my hair done every 8 weeks.

My regular gal doesn't do this process, so I literally
emailed her and asked permission to "cheat" on her.
I assured her that I wasn't breaking up with her, but needed
to give this a try and now all I have to do is book the appt.

I love my daughter's hair.  
It's natural highlights are from being in the sun this summer
and it's pretty much the same look as Bayalage!


Ahhh...I'm uber excited.

Gisele Bunchen started the trend,
here's more pics so you really get the idea.

What'ya think?
Any reason I shouldn't?
Have you had it done?

Bayalage me baby...
....I'm all yours....


Tember said...

You MUST post photos when you get this done! Hope it adds some pizzaz to your winter!

April said...

Oooh ... I love this look!! Can't wait to see pics!!