Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Survival Guide

This is how I survived another day of winter....

Me: Bran will you please stop and pick up pop and pizza on your way home?!?
Branmuffin:  Yes, Dear
Me: Thanks, I really don't want to cook and I need it.
Branmuffin: Do you need wine too?

We do Papa Murphy's and I highly recommend it.
You warm up your own house while it bakes and 
the garlic smells divine.
Right now, they have a Buffalo Chicken Pizza  and
it's the stuff....what is it with guys and hot sauce?
My husband oooooh's and aaaaaaah's over hot sauce.

And this little bottle is my nectar of choice. 
I love it and you can get it anywhere.
It's even cheaper at Sam's or Costco.

I watched this last night....
ooof...that was a tough one to watch on sooo many counts.

It's a sad world out there is all I have to say,
and I vow to be a good Mom and influence my children in all of the right

I don't know if I can recommend something so hard to watch.
But, here are two I will recommend to watch on video if you
are as bored as I am with winter.

The Town


Wall Street

What movies are you watching?


Nick & Rebecca said...

I wanted to take a prozac and jump off a curb after watching that movie. And yet, I appreciated the pro life influence-no talk of Precious aborting her babies that were fathered by um, her father. Out of the darkness that surrounded that poor girl, a light within, although dim most of her life, began to shine brightly again. And so it ended with hope, but it is one I will never watch again.

lhoffman said...

I saw Precious... and recently saw Wall Street. Just saw Salt with Mrs. Pitt (er Angelina)- it was actually pretty good! Need to watch "The Town"- maybe I'll do it tonight while I steam my clothes... ;) Love Papa Murphy's as well as your wine of choice... I'll have to check it out at Sam's... i usually get "Golden Gate" at Cub... it's $3.33/bottle (their version of Two-Buck-Chuck and for me around the house, it does just fine! (I'm cheap-what can I say? lol.

And Bran- what a guy! Kudos!

Summer said...

i have such a short attention span for movies...but pizza, pop, and wine?!?!?

Yes, we most definitely have that in common. =)

Anonymous said...

Menage a Trois is our go-to wine as well. We get it at Costco and at Target--they usually have it for cheap too. The Town was so good. Ben Affleck was looking gooood.

hilary b said...

Thanks for the tip on Menage a Trois red. I tried the Chardonnay last week and it was so yummy (and I'm a fan of red). It's a little pricey up in Canada but I will try the red anyway. I love wine!

Sharolyn said...

I've been secretly following your blog for quite some time and am loving every single post. I have finally taken the plunge and become a "true follower" after learning yet another shared favorite thing of Menage a Trois wine!