Monday, February 14, 2011

I want my t.v./remote back!

When it comes to t.v., in this house, I am so screwed.
My husband and my kids watch what they want, when they
want and I appease

Anything to stop the attitudes or screaming.
But, when my kids are tucked in bed,
and it's Monday night.....I get to watch the Bachelor.
Ugh, not tonight!!!
You hear me?

I am sitting. finally asleep.
And I missed the final 30 minutes!!!!
I don't understand this DVR all of the time,
but somehow Brandon's show's seemed to tape so 
I've got no recap of the Bachelor.

All I know, is this.
If you are single and you want to get married and have kids,
GIVE UP EVERYTHING....cuz your kids and husband will
take over your t.v. and various other parts of life.

Tatum and Turner....I don't care for Dora, 20 times a day.
Brandon.....your love for the History channel and sports can stop

Momma needs her Bachelor.


Tamara Nicole said...

Sorry to hear that! Although I am watching it right now . . . sometimes we think it's more than it really is. Read a recap and you'll get it all:-)

Hope you had a great V-day Su!

Beth said...

I only caught the last 15 minutes....but that was enough to say adios (as Dora would say) to Michelle! Woo Hoo. I've had enough of that nutcase!