Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011 Fashion Review

The winner of the bead will be announced later you still have a chance if you haven't entered.

Onto Oscar's fashion.
I honestly watched the red carpet intently, 
but our bed time routine interrupted my ability to see the actual 

Top pick of the night, goes to none other than 
Halle Berry!

This was perfection in my eyes, can this woman do NO wrong?
Except for her personal life.

Loved, loved, loved, Mila Kunis' dress...

The color was beautiful and I loved the detailing around
her breastststststs!

Gwenyth Paltrow was hot stuff and 
her dress was so different, I loved it!

Here are a few more faves...

of course, I had to mention my girl, Sandra.

She seemed a little off, not her dress, her demeanor.
She seemed tired or sad, rightfully so, look what has changed in
her life in ONE year!

Loved Jennifer Hudson's look, although I think she should have
covered up her tata' wasn't good.  She is so inspiring, makes me
wanna get skinny and join Weight Watchers!

Looks I didn't like at all:

Cate Blanchett
Nicole Kidman
Scarlett Johanssen

Tell me what you thought?
Who was your fave?


Nancy said...

Halley Steinsfield looked adorable and age appropiate as well as Helen Mirren on the mature end, the color of her dress was great. Anne Hawathay's red carpet look was beautiful, I was disappointed in Natalie Portman's dress and Nicole Kidman. Guiliana Rancic looked like she was wearing her living room drapes.

The Shanner of Attention said...

My favorites were Mila Kunis and Melissa Leo.

And can we all agree James Franco isn't "host material"?