Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I did for a bag of licorice.

Yes, that's me.  I really do look that glamorous today.

Yes, that's more like it.

I struggle with a blogpost on my current condition.
Some of you may never come back to catch up with life
here at SoStinkin'Cute....some of you might.

I haven't pooped in a week.
Well, that was the case on Sunday.  But, while at my parents,
my Mom convinced me to try a suppository.....oh my goodness, in my
39 years, I have never had to do that!!

I hope I never have to again.  But, when you haven't gone poop
in 7 days and are on major pain meds, the problem can only get worse.
Laying around and taking pain pills make for a major problem.

She bribed me with a bag of red licorice........

It didn't work and reason why is, I didn't have a good 
technique and that's something I am okay with.
If you want the full me.

So we went to Milk of Mag.

That worked.  In a big way.  In a really big way.
But, I knew there was more.
So, I did another dose...and that means I am always in 
the bathroom. I'm learning "less is more" today.

And it isn't fun.

As far as my sciatica pain, I do get better every day.
I can stand for about 6-8 minutes at a time and then
I have to sit down.  I am using heat and ice and am going 
back to the nicest chiropractor ever today.  He's
positive that this pain won't be around for the rest of my life.

If not, I would have to learn to go to the potty like this little guy!

So happy that tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

What food do you look forward to most?

With my Mom's kitchen remodel and me not able to do the cooking,
we are going to Kincaid's.  We all are kind of excited to not
have the cleanup job and it's a special place.  We have
never been to a restaurant on Thanksgiving!

I'll take pics....


Mary Timmers said...

Thanks for the funny and frank post. LOVE the picture of the little boy!

D+Jmom said...

Capital L.O.L!!! Thanks for the laugh today, sooo needed!

Anonymous said...

Good Heavens, you are in a bad way, girl! I've been there. What works for me is to eat ginger snaps. Cleans me right out. However, too many, and I am "clean as a whistle", in a too good is bad, kind of way, lol!

Leah said...

I was concerned about that being an issue for you. I have experienced the same thing after three c-sections. I learned to bring my own "poop pills" to the hospital and pop them like crazy after the babies were out. So sorry to hear that the sciatica is still bothering you, but I'm glad you have seen some improvement. Have fun at Kincaids. Sounds great!!

Amy Lemaniak said...

Oh honey, you poor thing! That was the single worst memory of my first childbirth recovery that darn Milk of Mag crap. I hope things continue to improve for you! Praying for you!

Jawed Ali said...

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