Sunday, November 18, 2012

My apologies, I don't recall.

Today is the first day in 6 days that I am not
drugged out of my mind.

Surgery went great.  The cyst was benign!
It really was everything I expected and I would recommend it
to every gal with a uterus left in her cute little body.

My stomach is bloated a bit and the incisions
are held together with medical glue.  Piece of cake, really.

However, there is a crap side to this story.
When I came out of anesthesia I complained that my leg
right beneath my left butt cheek hurt and was numb.

The nurses were great, however, they were all "you just had 
major surgery, you are gonna be in pain for a bit, take
it easy".  But, the majority of my pain was coming from
my left butt cheek and shooting down my entire leg.

I was told that for the first two days you will sleep a ton and then
it gets better.  That didn't happen.  The first night, I was up
every hour in excruciating pain.  Brandon did his best 
with trying to stay on top of the pain.
The pain meds didn't even scratch the surface.
It was so painful to sit on the toilet, I couldn't be on the toilet long enough to pee.
That meant I was up non-stop.  And with this surgery you have to
train your urethra to pee any of you know how to train a 

To make this story less boring, I'll cut to the chase.
I have sciatica back pain.  They can't determine if it's from
them laying me wrong on the operating table for 3 hours of surgery or if
my doc stitched my nerve accidentally.

Go get your hysterectomy's a breeze.
But sciatica's the worst.
Blah, blah, blah...I could go on and on but I won't.

Part of the reason I won't is...I can't, this last week is a blur.

Here's some funnies for you.

I got this text after I got out of surgery from my younger 

..that made me laugh, which made my stomach hurt.

I had people visit me, sit next to me on my bed, and
I don't remember it....that's a bad feeling
{like when you drank too much last night, kind of feeling}.
If it was you, I am sorry.

My work sent me some chocolates, I guess I ate a whole row of them.
What a waste of calories.

On Thursday, I got on my laptop and emailed my
Mom asking her if she wanted to go to TJMaxx and Michael's
to get stuff to make my house cute.  
I used a lot of exclamation points and smiley 
faces.  I have no recollection of doing that, 
but it happened cuz I just found it in my sent box.

I texted a lot of people....again, if you were one of them, 
I am sorry, especially if I didn't make sense.

On another note, Branmuffin did score some husband points for
being my "caretaker" most of the time.

He asked the doctor for a pair of scrubs for himself
to wear while he cared for me....

I had to bribe him to take this picture.
Right now....he's golfing, he's exhausted from being the "caretaker".

My goal is to get off of these pain meds so I can
drive to the chiropractor and physical therapy at some point. 
This week.
And, I am hoping that does the trick.

There are so many of you to thank.  Here goes....

I am thankful for warm meals delivered and cooked my somebody else,
because that is the last thing any of us could have done around here.
And doesn't food taste better when someone else makes it?

I am thankful for flower deliveries and care packages, I felt very special - kind of Hollywood
for a minute, on pain killers and fresh flowers around my bed.....

I am thankful that I have a doctor who is empathetic to his patient's pain.
He called me more than I called him.

I am just thankful for people that love on me and care for me.

So....this is where I need you.
Have you had sciatic pain?  I know its super common in pregnancy.
What have you done to make it better and did it work?

More me...I have a video of the surgery.

Numb Butt

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Ashley said...

Hey Suzanne, glad your surgery went well. My mom suffered from sciatic pain for YEARS (not trying to scare you) but you should get that checked ASAP. I understand that it is very painful. My mom tried acupuncture, some sort of injection and then finally surgery (that got botched) and she felt she was worse off. Best of luck to you. Praying that you don't suffer like my mom.