Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shop Local!

Today is support your local business day!
Since I can't be on my feet too long, I am
shopping online....Etsy, in particular.

Reminded me that I did some modelling recently.
I guess I could do this today, cuz I was sitting the entire time.

Go to this shop.

Take a look and get yerself a scarf...
you'll be supporting my friend Annie's cutie pie Grandma...
and what could be better than that?!?

I am an enormous fan of supporting women's businesses.
If you want me to support yours with a plug or a
giveaway.  Let me know.  I'm here to help. And sit around with a 
heating pad on my butt.  And bark orders to my kids.


Mary Timmers said...

Barking orders at your kids and actually have them obey is a hallmark of a good mother!

Unknown said...

Love are so darn cute! And, Mary...I concur!

Tember said...

You are the cutest!