Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's not always your normal Christmas.

It must've started when we decided to have 
Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year.
That made it clear that the holidays will
 be different this year from others.

And that's cool.
They can't all be the same.
You have good years and bad years in life, 
if you are really being honest. 
Some are more memorable than others too.

I remember saying once that 2009 was a tough year.
I wonder if I will remember why when I am 80 years old. 

This year will not be like the others.

Mainly, because I am off my feet.

I am doing all my shopping online, which is easy.
But, because I'm not my healthy self
I don't have the opportunity to roam the stores 
and peruse and get excited about the season.
{That equals spending less money, I can
guarantee it!}

I'm excited, just in a different way.
I bought a pink Christmas tree.
That's different, no?

There must be a market, cuz they make them.
This little 4 foot high tree is gonna do it for us this year.
I just don't have the energy and the wherewith all to lug out all the decor and go get a tree.
I found it at BigLots for $16...bada bing! 
 I'm done.

And I assigned the tree decorating to my little elves and sat and snapped these pics.
It sure made them happy and isn't that all that matters?

We probably won't go to Macy's Christmas downtown this year
or sit on Santa's lap, so I got creative.
We go for drives with ice cream cones from McDonald's. 
We check out Christmas lights and I do my best to explain a manger scene.

The best part?
Driving and listening to them squeal at all the lights.

And its good, a little easier than year's past.

Maybe all of this compromising-- because I can't walk much
 will provide new traditions. 

And maybe someday I will be able to say,
"Remember the year we bought a pink Christmas tree?".

And about the tree....I can sense that it's not gonna
be liked by the traditional folks......
I saw one last year at Home Goods for$100. 

 I am kicking myself that I didn't buy it.

It looked more like this...

I think that's perfection. if YOU are out, and on YOUR feet and YOU see one.

Will you give me a call?!

Thank goodness I can still do this.

Toodles, to all my friends, who walk with ease...

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