Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Momma Love

I guess I had to put that picture up to
add some humor to the crap I'm dealing with.

I haven't addressed it on here before.
Guess I have to, it's my life.

My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer
almost 4 and half years ago.  She survived.
She did chemo and radiation and I was there
to shave her head, cheer her on, and watch her
kick it.
Cancer does a number on people.
Changes them, yes it does.

Well dang it, it came back.
End of January, I got the call from my Dad,
the pain she had been having for over a year
was due to it metastasizing in her bones.
Her upper back to be specific.

I hate cancer.
I know we aren't supposed to use that word.
But I do.
I hate what cancer does to my Mom.
It makes her weak and tired and not
able to be with me and my family.
I hate how it wreaks havoc on her body.
I know she is in good hands, but
I break down when I hear news that
she is in pain....pain so bad you" get admitted
into the hospital", kind of pain.

Cuz, I dealt with pain for 5 short weeks and 
it was a living hell.  I don't know how this
woman has put up with it like she has, for so long.

So, here is her Caring Bridge site.
I built one cuz so many people love her
and I cannot keep up with the calls/emails/texts.

I know she is loved, but you see-- it gets hard
for me to tell the details over and over.
Mainly cuz it makes it so I don't let them
sink in....I guess I should let the details marinate.

She also has a blog and has written about it
much more eloquently than I ever could.

So there you go.

Enough of that shizz.....

You guys have been sharing and commenting and
I thought no one even read this lil blog anymore!
Yay!  If you haven't yet, go to that post and 
enter to win.  I plan on picking a winner on Friday.

And I bet you a dollar, I'll give something more
from her shop soon too!

Thanks for being my support network and caring about my
life like you do......



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