Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paparazzi scores again!

My hard working, Dad retired in January.

He's that kind of guy who gets it done.
We are alike in this way.
He's a bit more selfless than
almost all folks and 
I love him.

Here's us on my wedding day.
Sweet man.

This sweet man just got sweeter.

I had some painting done in our room and
he recognized that I had piled
a lot of jewelry on a few hooks.
I'm a jewelry freak and can
admit it.

I asked if he could do something about
my beauties all in a mess.

He has built everything under
the thing I have always
admired was the cases he made for
my Mom's mini perfume collection.

He showed me a mirror he had
in his basement and
thought it would be best if he built
it around that.

And...I will admit, Branmuffin had
said if there were a mirror incorporated
in the back it would make the whole jewelry stand
much more "sick".  "Sick" is B's
west coast terminology for

My dad....sigh.

He has a way of making me feel 
 like Daddy's little girl again.

And knowing I was chomping on my 
cuticles to get this piece of glam fabulousness
 in my house and hung...he did it last night while
I spent some time with my Momma.

Talk about all work and no play.

I love jewelry,
it's a part of my personality,

The view from where I lay my head.

It's okay if you want one.
I've searched for a cure
for my jewelry problem for 
years, really.

I wish I could tell you how to,
but I can't.  Maybe I will have Paparazzi, tell you how.
{That's what my babies call him.}

I think he should go into business.

He would make a.lot.of.women.happy.
But then, he's been doing that
for years.....

Pin Dad's gotta get famous for something!



1 comment:

Tember said...

Love it and LOVE your dad!! I just need to get a *few* more pieces before I'll need that...maybe we should do a little shopping one of these days! ;)