Friday, April 5, 2013

Cowl Giveaway Winner

Jennifer Lawrence...
I love in, girl crush, love her.

And the way she accepted her award
and interviewed afterwards made me love
her even more.

Isn't that the best, when someone is fun and cute
and then when you see them in a different light...
you find that they are real and normal and you just think
I like them even more now that I know

I'm hoping that happens when you watch
this video of me picking a winner on the cowl scarf giveaway.
It was done in one take.
With my two kids and so you never know.
I did it from my "throne", my
favorite thing white leather chair 
I recently got at Home Goods.

Lucky gal...
....I bet you a dollar, I'll
do another giveaway from LaLaRed soon!

Have a great weekend!



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