Monday, April 1, 2013

Turn your winter scowl into a Colorful Cowl!

There comes a point in the calendar when
I refuse black/brown/gray clothing.

I just don't go there anymore.
Some of you are still wearing your boots
and coats and fingerless gloves.

I'm not.  Okay, today I wore
fingerless gloves with my morning coffee to 
help with the morning chill.

But otherwise, I am officially 
wearing sandals, sparkly ones, and I'm 
sure the guys {my engineers at work}
are in a confused state.
That's a whole nother post.

Who cares?  It's officially Spring
and even if there is snow on the ground...
I'm doing Spring fashion.
And, I'm doing it well.

I will only wear outfits with
color, pops of it maybe or
full blown color.
But the only neutral I will wear is white
from now on!

And that brings me to a give-away.

Leah at LaLaRed and I had a playdate
this past week and she's gonna give away a 
cowl scarf here!

And, if you follow me on instagram, you know

I have this one...that's become an obsession.
Thanks Leah.

I wore it two days in a row...

{Easter with my bros}

Like I need another obsession.

Oh, okay.

LaLaRed has belts and headbands and scarves,
and they all are dripping in color and cuteness and
prints you cannot find anywhere else.
So don't even try.

Wanna win a cowl?

Do this:

Shop around like girls like to do.
Then pick your absolute fave and comment on
this blogpost as to which name is your 
favorite, so I can send it to you if you win.

If you like her page on FB, you get a second entry.
And if you share my blog and comment about it on 
FB to me, I'll give you another entry.

And if you don't tell me which stuff you did this, I won't know.
So communicate that, that's another thing
us girls like to do...communicate.

That's it, that should do it.
I hope you win a cowl as cute as they
are, you will improve every outfit you own for Spring.




Amy Lemaniak said...

I also shared it on FB!

Jane K. said...

I love the Madeline infinity scarf! If I don't won't I will be ordering it :-)

The Divine Living Space said...

LOVE, LOVE the madeline scarf!!!! =)

Ashley Vance said...

Love all her stuff, but I'm pretty in love with the Georgia Peach Infinity scarf!

Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I love the Sweetheart Infinity Scarf! Pink is my favorite! Also shared on FB!

Breezy said...

I love the Lovely Lady scarf! Also liked her FB page. :-)

NCrow said...

Lovin' the Melina infinity scarf! So fun!

Julie Tell said...

The Lovely Lady Scarf is my fave! Sharing with my friends too! :)


Madeline Infinity Scarf is my favorite, It would go with so many of my outfits.
I have done my chore list: liked, added and shared... I think I got them all...
May the best lady win thier beautiful scarf of choice...

Unknown said...

Hello?! The Sail Away Infinity Scarf?! It's blue and white striped so Kip has to have it. ; ) Love them! I'll share it on FB to spread the word.

Wendy Pedersen said...

Love the Melina!! So very cute! I get so many compliments on my Infinity Scarf from Leah. She is so talented!

Wendy Pedersen said...

Love the Melina!! So very cute! I get so many compliments on my Infinity Scarf from Leah. She is so talented!

Alissa said...

Georgia Peach for sure! Just liked on FB too. Super cute Leah!

Krissa Lusk said...

Love the Melina, would go perfect with all the black and pink I wear! Liked her page, super cute stuff! Excited to see who wins! Going to share on fb too :)

SM Anderson said...

I really like the scarlet/bone knit Cowl Neck scarf. The other thing I really like on her webiste is the picture of the beautiful woman wearing the Leah Women's Headband. She is one amazing woman inside and out :-)

I also liked LaLaRed on Facebook.