Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kids Baffroom

It's where they do all the above 
among a few other unmentionables.

I wanted to keep it easy and
fresh and hopefully, they will keep 
it clean.

The kids' bathroom.....


Shower curtain is a Kate Spade at
Bed Bath & Beyond.

Rug is from Ikea.
I hired out the painting.
And if you are curious, the
stripes are 14 inches wide.
And if I would have known I would like
it so much, I would have done
it in our powder room downstairs.
It gets much more use!

Stool is Ikea.

I had an idea to do a collage of some Instagram pics
of my kids on our vacation.
Once it was up, it didn't 
do it for me.
I found this at Marshall's.
Maybe it will teach them to be gentle with each other.

Soaps from Home Goods....

Taking pictures of a bathroom is
pretty tough.  

It's small and you have to have
good lighting, so I had to wait for a
sunny day.

We haven't had a lot of those around here.

I'm still on the hunt for some more quirky stuff to hang in here.
But, I figure the more I add, the more
they will mess with is their bathroom after all.

{The first picture is from Pinterest, if anyone can find
the graphic artist that makes those, I would buy them in a heartbeat.}

Not much else to say, 
except I am in love with stripes right now...
let's hope the obsession lasts a few years.



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