Saturday, December 1, 2012

To the ones that make me laugh....

Lately I have had the chance to realize I have some really, great girlfriends.
And, I have all different kinds of friends.
Different ages that come from different places in my life.

The thing they all have in common is, they are fabulous women.
I made a decision right after college to have women in my life that make me better.
Women that make me learn and will keep me growing.

So many of you have come around at this time in my life.  
You have lifted me up in your own special way with your own special talents and personalities.
I am in awe how many different ways someone can make you feel good or at least make your situation better.

I have women who email me, who chat me, who call me, who text me, who pray for me,  and friends who let me know they care.

This isn't a post to brag about all the friends I have...but maybe it is?  
If this becomes writing about friends and recognizing who you are and what you do, 
then that's what I want.

Because I can truly recognize and enjoy how you make my life better and how 
I hope I am that to you too!

Alright then, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna write about who some of my friends are and what they bring to me, and certainly the other people in their lives, because of their talents and their hearts.

I don't know if I will name names or have pictures...we will just take this as it comes, k?

Laughter and humor.

A lot of you make me laugh, but I have this one friend....we adore her.  We know if she is there, we will be laughing like the gut-busting kind of laughing.  

She doesn't just make me laugh, she is good to my kids...always bringing a gift or toy, it doesn't have to be new.  Most times, its something that brought her joy when she was younger.

The other night she was texting something and making me laugh, to the point my incisions hurt from my surgery.  

We were doing this thing we do where we say stuff that is the opposite of the truth.

Me, "I have to gain 30 pounds before my 40th birthday, my clothes are falling off of me and I am down to a size 2."

Friend, "I have so many pairs of Tori Burch flats, they are only $195 a pair, so I bought 5!"

Might sound stupid to you, but we found it hilarious.

I love you friends, lately you have warmed my heart and made me tear up....cuz I feel the love in a big way.  And I want you to know--you all have a different way of showing that love, it's unique to you and who you are....and it's super cool to sit back and watch.

Thanks for the laughs...go, get one of your girlfriends and do something fun,
or whatever you need at this point in life.

Get your girlfriend and have a good laugh,
it's good medicine.

I'm thankful for mine.

{All pics are from Pinterest and WeHeartIt}


Tamara Anderson said...

This is so cute, thank heaven for amazing supportive girlfriends, right?!

Tember said...

When you are an amazing friend you get amazing friends!! XOXO :)