Monday, August 6, 2012

What's new?

Since I don't blog like I used to, which was a few times a week,
I thought I would tell you what's NEW! You know, an update of sorts.

Last time I blogged, I showed you my new white kitchen.

What I failed to mention is, we actually painted the whole main level.
We painted the walls and the woodwork and it really brightened 
the place up!  {Wish I could take the credit.}

Here are some snaps I took of how I changed my bathroom 
and mudroom from drab to least in my opinion!

This was the only "before" I could find.

{That's from last Fall.}

Builder's paint on the walls and dark woodwork...and then the new..

 New paint, hung a new towel hanger...

 ..added a fun towel from Home Goods...

 I got this shelf from Home Goods on clearance and painted it
white a loooooong time ago.

I've gotten some new pillboxes-that's a whole nother' post.

 These cute, tiny painting are my Mom's work..she does original, oil artwork and
spoiled me with a few!

Lastly, I had to get a rug and wastebasket,
HomeGoods saved the day once again!

I want to show you more...but Blogger is acting up!
So, I guess I will have to post again, 
maybe even tomorrow...

I've missed you all...have you missed me?

More to come, but until then, I will leave you with some
recent pics of my kiddos....we've been running around a lot this summer!

Here they are tired out in the car...

and...being silly when Branmuffin told them to go put
their jammies on!

Toodles, and I will post again within the week!
I have lots to tell :)


Mary Timmers said...

So happy to see your post!! I've missed it so much. I still love the color of your bathroom. So classy and serene. Can't wait to see what is up with the pill boxes. Keep on writing-- we love it!!!

Ashley said...

So happy that you are posting again!! I so look forward to your updates.

I love how you have updated your little bathroom - I ♥ white woodwork, that is a project I need to tackle in my own home. IDK why they don't just make houses with white woodwork nowadays!!

♥ Ashley

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